Honeydew Classic Scrumptious Pillow review: A customizable sleep aid

I’m not really into sleep aids, fancy lights, asking Alexa to play night sounds, or anything else that is supposedly meant to help you sleep better. After working for 20 years as a journalist, testing every product imaginable to help you fall asleep faster, and even becoming a bit of a mattresses expert (at least in terms of testing quite a few models), I will say this: There is really only one product that has a direct and traceable impact on how you sleep.

That’s right, I am talking about your pillow.

Honestly, most of the mattresses available these days are made to encourage healthy sleep. Also, let’s face it — the mattress you pick will work great for a couple of years, even if some of them won’t make it much longer than that before they feel lumpy and uncomfortable. Yet, for some strange reason that defies all explanation, some of us choose crappy pillows.

You know the kind. You can buy them at Target. They are thin, cheap, and don’t last that long. We keep using them anyway, not thinking through the long-term impacts on our sleep. 

That’s why I like the Honeydew Classic Scrumptious Pillow pillow so much. For $130 (queen size), it is reasonable and affordable (unless you count those Target pillows, and I don’t).

I’ll cover the basics of why it helped me sleep better, but before getting into that, this pillow has a nice bonus. You can add extra filler (a half pound costs $10) through a zippered compartment, so it can be customized to your sleep preference. I like a big, fluffy, substantial pillow so I added some extra filler. Of course, you can also remove filler if you prefer a lighter, less bulky pillow.

That customization is really nice since every head is a different shape and size. No pillow can possibly meet the needs of every person. I tested the king-sized pillow that costs $150, and Honeydew also sent me an extra side-sleep pillow that costs $130 for the queen size.

I like the pillow because it feels firm and soft at the exact same time. An explainer video talked about how they shred the material used in a way that keeps it soft (the company reps even said the material feels wet), not lumpy, and not all stuck together like some pillows.

I was impressed with the firmness in the sense that it wasn’t “hardly there” when I slept. Yet, it also didn’t feel so soft like a sofa cushion. Somehow, the firmness was just right to support my head and keep me elevated from the bed, and yet also comfortable and soft.

That same video explained that other pillows often use a filler material that clumps (almost like fiberglass or foam) so over time, you start to feel those clumps. I tested the Honeydew Classic Scrumptious Pillow for a few weeks and never felt like the pillow was sagging to one side which is so common with lesser products, or getting too stiff on one section.

I will say the one minor issue is that I do prefer a longer pillow, one that extends from one end of a twin mattress to the other. (I have a king-sized bed, which means two twins side-by-side.) It wasn’t a big deal, but my normal pillow is a bit wider — just not as much support.

For those who want to start sleeping better and don’t like all of the gimmicks and tricks, start with the Honeydew Classic Scrumptious Pillow. It really was the perfect sleep aid.

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