Protect your home with the Molekule Air Pro

Air quality has been on my mind more than usual these days. Over the summer, Minnesota had a rough few months of wildfire smoke wafting down from Canada. My summer season was limited. Too much time outdoors in the haze led to shortness of breath, burning eyes, and cough that felt like it had no reprieve. It was the first time I had realized how much of a role clean air plays in our overall health. It’s a privilege to say I’ve always taken it for granted. The haze has fortunately passed in this winter season, but the lesson learned of the importance of air quality has stuck with me. 

With a few concerns over my own home’s air quality, I was counting down the days until I could test out the Molekule Air Pro. WIth the advanced technology it offers, I was curious about what I would find. Unfortunately my discovery was bittersweet.

First Impressions 

The Molekule Air Pro is almost like a piece of art in your home. Upon unboxing, I was impressed by the quality of the piece, the sleek design, and the leather-feeling strap that added a bit of style. The  Molekule Air Pro works best when placed in a central location. I love that the design and look of the piece blended seamlessly into my home’s decor. 

The  Molekule Air Pro comes with easy to follow directions and an app that can control the purifier from anywhere in the home. The app is user friendly and makes setting up a breeze. The top of the  Molekule Air Pro features a touch screen that aids in the set-up process. My  Molekule Air Pro was ready to go in under ten minutes. 


The Molekule Air Pro offers so much more than your average air purifier. This model in particular is designed to cover large spaces up to 1000 square feet. Perfect for your living spaces or even an office. This product boasts professional-grade features, including a powerful air flow, chemical and particle sensing air quality statistics, and proven pollutant destruction. What sets this product apart is that the PECO air purification technology destroys a much larger spectrum of pollutants. This includes RNA viruses, DNA viruses, black mold, pet dander, bacterial spores, staphylococcus, pollen, and dust mite allergens. What’s seriously cool is how the PECO filter works. It cleans your air by shining a UV-A light on the surface of a nanocatalyst-coated filter to create a chemical reaction that oxidizes nearly all varieties of organic, airborne pollutants, only leaving behind trace amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor. 

What I like about it

My favorite thing about this product, other than the fact that it’s providing me with clean air, is the app it comes with. After getting to know your air, the app gives you an air score and a breakdown of the top three offenders. It also provides you with a graph of your air quality over time. You can check out your overall air quality score or you can even look at each individual offender and track its presence in your air over time. 

I knew my air quality was not good, but I had no idea how bad it was. My main concerns were pet dander and a recent discovery of black mold in our home. Having the Molekule Air Pro gave me more peace of mind while in the midst of eradicating the mold source. The air quality graphs also showed a pattern of a serious decrease in air quality every day at 8am and 8pm sharp. This led to an investigation concerning our gas lines and functioning of our home. Let’s just say we had no idea how bad our air quality was until we had our Molekule Air Pro. I have to wonder what the long term health effects may have been if these volatile organic components hadn’t been detected by the Molekule Air Pro. 

Final Thoughts 

Having the Molekule Air Pro makes you feel like you have a beautiful piece of high quality technology in your home. My only critique is that this comes at a steep price (on sale for $812 and usually upwards of $1000). However I do feel that the price reflects a truly impressive piece of tech that will give you peace of mind and let you know if anything is amiss in your home. I was shocked and deeply concerned to find that I had been living in such terrible air quality for so long. Without the Molekule Air Plus, I wouldn’t have known that action was needed.