Solo Stove’s Bonfire & Pi Fire Review: Solo Stove’s Bonfire 2.0 and Pi Fire are the ultimate combo

I have camped literally since I was born. Literally! I was born in May and that June my parents took me to my first week of church camp. Every summer for over 35 years you could find me attending camp, running camps, working in the kitchen, as a camp counselor or working security. Many lifelong friends and unbreakable bonds were formed over hundreds of campfires during those summer nights. But, as I age, the novelty of a campfire has worn thin. Because now that I’m an adult, I’m over the smoke burning my eyes and the smell that lingers on my clothing after an evening in front of the fire. 

Solo Stove has revolutionized the campfire. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve no doubt seen your favorite youtuber, influencer or podcaster extolling the virtues of this magical firepit with a patented secondary burn ring that burns off smoke and produces a smokeless, warm fire with no odor. The dual fuel component of the Solo stove means that you can burn firewood or hardwood pellets and with the included ring stand, the solo stove will be safe for all deck surfaces, patios and won’t even ruin the grass on your lawn!

With a range of sizes from their colorful tabletop Mesa and Mesa XL models to the mid size Ranger and the very popular Bonfire 2.0. Solo stove has gone even larger with the Yukon which boasts an incredible 27” diameter! Models range in price and Solo stove regularly runs deeply discounted promotions so check their website for up to date pricing!

Now I know what you are thinking…Wouldn’t it be great if I could cook a wood-fired pizza over that beautiful warm fire? Solo stove says “You’re not going to believe this…”

Enter Pi Fire. The ultimate accessory for your Solo stove. Pi fire fits on Bonfire, Yukon and Ranger firepits and ranges in price between $199-349 USD depending on your particular configuration. It’s worth noting here that Solo stove also offers a stand-alone Pizza oven called the Pi Pizza Oven which runs on either gas or wood for the few of you that don’t already have a Solo stove. 

The Pi Fire comes in a box that looks almost identical to the box your solo stove came in with vivid images of the Pi Fire in action. Bundled inside is your beautifully engineered Pi Fire constructed with ceramic coated stainless steel, a 14” pizza stone, heat resistant gloves rated to 450 degrees and a Solo stove branded carrying bag. The quality is exactly what you’ve come to expect from Solo stove. This is a showpiece for your patio, deck and backyard and Solo Stove has not cut any corners. 

Setup is simple, using the included instructions and hardware, assembly is as easy as attaching the steel legs to the bottom of the Pi Fire with the included screws. Once assembled, the Pi Fire’s carrying bag accommodates the assembled oven and accessories which makes it perfect for transporting to the beach, tailgate party or campsite!

Cooking with the Pi Fire is as easy as Pie! Solo Stove recommends waiting until your fire is low in your pit, so build a fire in your Solo stove just as you usually would, and once the fire has dwindled a little, it’s time to add the Pi Fire. Solo stove says flames should just barely be touching the bottom of your Pi Fire when it’s seated on top of your Solo stove. This will ensure that the stone doesn’t get too hot and burn the bottom of your pizza. Since the Pi Fire can easily reach a blistering 500 degrees, your pizza can and will be done in as little as 5 minutes!

Another recommendation is to ensure that your dough is not too thick. This will also result in a blackened top. Don’t forget, slightly blackened crusts are a hallmark of good woodfired pizza so don’t be afraid of a little char. That’s the good stuff! The only question now is, what are you going to put on your pizza? As a Canadian, I happened to be impartial to a good hawaiian pizza with some fresh jalapenos.

As simple as the Pi Fire is to operate, there are a few accessories that I consider as mandatory purchases for any new Pi Fire owners. If you are new to the Pizza oven scene, you will want to purchase a peel. This is essential for getting your pizza in and out of the Pi Fire. I recommend Solo stove’s metal peel. The slim edges of the metal peel make it very easy for getting underneath your pizza and shifting it around inside the oven during the cooking process. Similar peels can also be found on Amazon, just make sure you get the correct size if you don’t purchase from Solo stove.

Another indispensable accessory is a laser thermometer. This will give you an accurate temperature reading of the inside of your Solo stove or the temperature of your pizza stone. Just point and shoot! Knowing the temperature of your pit or stone before putting your pizza down will ensure that it doesn’t get overcooked.

Once cooking is complete and the Pi Fire is cooled, it can be stored away in the included carrying bag and ready to go for the next cookout!

I can’t recommend the Pi Fire enough. It truly is the ultimate accessory for an already incredible product line of Solo stoves. One thing is for sure! Any Solo stove purchase will start a domino effect across your friends, neighbors and acquaintances. It never fails!

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