Vertagear PL4800 review: Gamers take a seat

Video games have influenced so many different products. Chairs are one I did not see coming. When streaming video games grew in popularity so did “gaming chairs.” These gaming chairs looked edgy while maintaining comfort. I’ve sat in chairs that have hurt my back after only an hour. Vertagear PL4800 is a chair that not only looks amazing, it feels amazing, even after hours of sitting.

The chair was easy to assemble with three main pieces. Vertagear owns a patented “slide-in” hardware design. The only tricky part was the wheels since you need to put a little muscle into them. The PL4800 is recommended for people 5’9″ – 6’6″ and up to 360 lbs. The foundation of the chair is a steel frame backed by a 10-year warranty. I appreciate the width of the backrest and the seat. I feel nice and snug when I sit down. It’s a great size chair for almost anyone.

There are a variety of colors to choose from with black being the main color. The accent options are white, midnight blue, midnight green, midnight purple, and burgundy red. The yellow accents on the chair pop alongside any color option chosen. The stitching adds a flair that makes this chair stand out in the room. The materials are excellent. It’s made with coffee beans…yeah, you read that right. HygennX cloth uses coffee ground nanotechnology. The benefits are natural odor control, quick-drying ability, and help neutralize bacteria growth. It is also soft to the touch, my main favorite characteristic of the fabric.

I love the structure of this chair. Im 5’11” and 170 lbs. The Vertagear PL4800 is extremely comfortable for me. I have sat in this seat for maybe 3 hours straight…don’t judge me. Every time my rear and lower back feel great. There are a couple of structure choices by Vertagear that help makes this happen.

Vertgear has a lot of patents including their pending patent for VertaAir Seat. It contains eight hexagonal air pillars. The pillars have air tunnels to help provide breathability and pressure relief. Vertagear says the idea comes from Bernoulli’s principle to “…generate aerodynamic lift that can negate gravitational pressure evenly across your back and bottom.” The VertaAir Seat also has a curvy edge to help with blood circulation for extended seating. The “waterfall” design means your legs won’t fall asleep after sitting down for a long time. I never feel sweaty sitting in this chair. I also feel like my lower back is always supported.

Vertagear created CountourMax Lumbar. It’s within the backrest so you can’t see it. You also cant adjust it which is a downside. The reason you can’t adjust it is that Vertagear has made the lumbar shift to different positions to fit your body naturally. There are four TPE modules with 64 “responsive branches.” There are multiple flex spots to help mold your back while keeping the support. There is also an included memory pillow that slides on nicely to the back of the chair. I did not think I would use it much but I am very relaxed when I lean back. With the back support and the pillow, I am still comfortable if I shift in the chair to the right or left a little bit.

The 4D armrests also shift to the left and right. Also up and down, angled in and out, and forward and backward. No matter what position I sit in I can find a comfortable angle for the armrests. The padding is on the sturdy side more than the plush. I never found them too hard though.

The PL4800 is a chair that wants to be seen. Vertagear put a lot of thought into each design choice. They even have RGB LED upgrade kits available that allow you to have a custom logo near the headrest. The chair feels like every inch has been tested. The warranty options are just as great as the comfort. 10 years on the frame as mentioned before and 2 years on all other parts, excluding the fabric. You can get another 3 years for an extra $100.

I love this chair. I think everything has a purpose. From the memory pillow, CountourMax Lumbar, and waterfall design seat. Vertagear even thought of a way to make sure your rear stays nice and cool. There’s coffee in the fabric for goodness’ sake! This chair is premium. The cost is as well, with an MSRP of $579.99. The PL4800 is built to last physically and visually. I think any gamer will be happy with the Vertagear PL4800. Play games with purpose and sit down with purpose.

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