John Brandon

John Brandon is the Executive Editor, founder, and co-owner of Gearadical. In 2001, he was an Information Design Director at Best Buy Corporation, but was downsized a week after 9/11. He started his writing career on 9/18/2001 and wrote router reviews for LAPTOP magazine. Eventually, he started writing for (around 2003) and many other publications including Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Entrepreneur, Chicago Tribune, and Technology Review. By 2008, we had published articles in over 50 magazines and websites. In 2008, he started writing for Inc. Magazine, first as a gadget reviewer and then as a business and tech columnist in print for three years. In 2011 he started writing a daily column for read by over 700,000 people per month. Since 2001, he has published over 15,000 articles and reviewed several thousand products, from dishwashers to cars. In 2019, he started writing about social media trends for He still writes that column and is now a book author and podcaster. is his first startup.