This backpack will catch the eye of any minimalist

STMgoods backpack
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I love to be prepared. Whether that’s by always having a utility tool on me, never letting my car get below a quarter tank of gas, or planning events weeks in advance, it’s instinctive for me to be ready. That instinct doesn’t change when it comes to my gadgets. I always find myself carrying an excessive number of cables, adapters, hubs, etc. to be prepared for anything.

I’ve gone through quite a few backpacks trying to find one that accommodates my need to organize so much gear. One major problem for me has been a lack of small pouches and pockets throughout the bag. I am constantly throwing miscellaneous items into the bottom of the backpack and fishing them out later.

The 18L STM Myth Backpack has an impressive amount of organized storage for an 18L backpack, and that’s what I love about it. 

While most standard backpacks house a laptop sleeve and maybe a pencil holder or two, the Myth Backpack is lined with pockets designed for my laptop, tablet, phone, portable charger, pencils, earbuds, and almost any other gadget I could carry.

There is also a fleece-lined sunglasses pocket and an additional exterior pocket for extra storage along with two interior zipper pockets. A water bottle pocket would be a nice addition, but would most likely interfere with the low zipper design.

The laptop sleeve fits up to a 16” laptop and features STM Goods’ SlingTech which suspends the device away from the edge of the bag, protecting the corners of the laptop. I feel very confident putting my 11” iPad Pro in this sleeve for a quick walk across campus, or even for a plane trip home during break.

I am a huge fan of the overall appearance of the STM Goods Myth Backpack. The design is very minimalistic and simple, while still catching the eyes of passersby. 

I have the Windsor wine color, and I especially love the accent color throughout the bag. It’s unique and easy to pair with different outfits on any given day.

The backpack is also designed for maximum comfort and minimal strain. The straps connect to the main unit in a unique way that improves weight distribution and lightens the load. This feature, along with the air channel system to keep you cool, makes STM bags much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Although an 18L backpack can only store so much, STM Goods does a fantastic job of maximizing the available space with a clean, stylish finish.

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