Coach? Meet JetKids first-class by Stokke

A kid sitting on their Stokke JetKids BedBox.
Credit: Stokke

Flying with a child can be difficult.

Hustling through the airport, scrambling for a comfortable place for them to sit and/or lay in their seat, carrying their things, and so on.

This can be a struggle for many families traveling — mine included.

Then came Stokke JetKids BedBox.

Stokke saw this problem and chose to solve them all with customizable style.

This is a streamlined little storage unit that can be ridden on by my little one, pushed by him, or pulled with ease through the airport — allowing less stress for my wife and me.

Not only is this a fun toy to ride on, but it can also hold my kid’s things, and transform his seat into a comfortable bed.


The BedBox by JetKids is almost entirely hollowed out. This allows for maximum storage for my son’s must-have toys, blanket, tablet, stuffy, etc. Stokke even hollowed out the lid and allowed for extra storage in there as well. Even when I store the padding inside the main compartment there is still plenty of room to store my son’s beloved items.


Once we make it to our seats, I can quickly open up the BedBox and pull out my boy’s must-haves. Then, once we are allowed to take our seatbelts off, I expand the BedBox to make my son’s seat into a full play space and bed for him. Now, instead of trying to have him lay across our laps, we can have our own space while still giving him a safe place to sleep or play. It’s clean, padded, and perfect for my family.


Stokke has a Crew Backpack that we picked up to go along with our BedBox. It’s my  one-year-old son’s perfect size, expandable, safe, and organized. Even when we are playing at home, my son will ask to put this on his back and walk around just because he loves it. 

Personally, I love how this backpack connects to the BedBox and how it can carry some of his items, and that it is water-repellant — allowing for an easy clean.

All in all, my wife and I love this travel setup just as much as my son does. Our one note — while this is great for long-hauls and overnight flights, we haven’t found it worth bringing along for a quick flight. However, we know that everyone will be different! Also, our son is just about to turn two, so he is just under the recommended age for this product!

We’re sure that you will love your JetKids BedBox and Crew Backpack by Stokke!