How we test

Gearadical exists to help you decide which products match your lifestyle. We have no other goal than to provide detailed reviews about the latest gadgets and gear. The mission is clear — we test and review products so you don’t have to, helping you make a buying decision.

The site is 100% independent with no corporate overlords dictating what we review and how we go about our testing. And, there’s a long history behind the site and how we test.

Co-founder and Executive Editor John Brandon has worked in the journalism field for well over 20 years. He is a consumer advocate, testing and reviewing products with the consumer in mind. The questions we always ask in our testing and reviews include:

  • How will this product benefit the consumer?
  • What are the best features to improve our lives?
  • Does the product price make sense?
  • Are there competing products that are just as viable?
  • Does the product perform as expected?

Gearadical is primarily a reviews site. Our mantra is: We review the most radical gear.  Our reviews are meant for the average consumer, not the hardcore technical expert. Because of that consumer mindset, we tend to evaluate products in terms of how they fit in everyday life. We test in ways that a normal consumer would use the product. If it’s a vacuum cleaner, we’ll use it for a few weeks and vacuum a typical suburban home. If it’s a desk accessory, we’ll use it at our desks to do real work. We test products in a way that matches the typical usage scenario for that product and report on the findings we discover during that test.

Other differentiators at Gearadical include:

  • We are never paid by the product company for any review or mentions in articles.
  • Any sponsored articles are clearly marked.
  • Sponsored posts are always news or feature, never reviews
  • We choose products based on what would be viable for our readers.
  • We always include the downside of the product so you know what to expect.

Other considerations:

  • Some of our reviews do include an affiliate link to purchase the product. is paid a small “finder’s fee” for these affiliate links, but there is no connection between the editorial side of the company and the affiliate marketing side.
  • Sponsorships are always maintained separately from the editorial side.