Creative lighting you can put anywhere

These LED lights are pretty straight forward.  You don’t need them, but you will want them.  They can go anywhere, be set up in just seconds and give you the creative control of design and color.

What will you use these for?  Well that’s up to you and your creativity.  Could be used as something practical like a reading light, accent lighting pretty much anywhere, or a simple design on the wall to get conversation going.

Set up is simple and quick.  Connect the 7 included hex lights in whatever configuration you want and link them with the USB connectors.  Plug it in and you’re ready to go.  Control them with the supplied remote or simply by touch.  I would prefer to have control with an app on my phone instead of the remote, but the touch option is pretty cool.

A couple things I don’t love about it… it would be nice if they were rechargeable so I could ditch the cord and that cord doesn’t come with a block.  The build is very light, I’m guessing it needs to be so it can hang by the provided sticker.

Overall thoughts on these Hex Lights by Emberela… They are simple and cool.  The creativity really lies with you and how you use them.  You have full control literally at your fingertips.  To pick some up, click here.