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Do Flare Audio’s Calmer in-ear headphones really calm you down?

While not exactly “technology” in the typical sense, Flare Audio’s Calmer “in-ear devices” are designed to enhance sound sources such as live or recorded music and environmental sound by reducing distortion that is experienced when sound enters our ears.

The Selk’bag will satisfy your winter wonderland needs

I live in northeastern Wisconsin, also known to many as “the Frozen Tundra” (okay, that’s Lambeau Field’s nickname, but it is very appropriate!). Since I am often cold by nature (and the rest of my family is not), I can be found enrobed in thick blankets for much of the year. This can sometimes be problematic when I’m trying to work. I mean, how efficient can I be on the computer when wearing mittens? As you can imagine, finding a way to stay warm and efficient has been a goal of mine since moving here four years ago. Enter the Selk’bag, a wearable sleeping bag.

Tentera has made coffee quicker than the drive-through

Tentera has the perfect option for someone who wants quick, easy, and portable coffee. No coffee maker is needed! Tentera’s pour-over coffee bags are a delicious and energizing way to get your caffeine fix in a more affordable and easier way.

Is the Roccat Kain 120 Aimo Gaming Mouse a masterpiece?

The search for a great mouse is overwhelming, to say the least. Is one mouse truly greater than another? Is it worth switching from an affordable or “cheap” wireless mouse to a more pricey gaming mouse? The answer depends on the user, but if you enjoy fast-paced gaming, comfort, and some sweet features — the answer is a resounding yes. Where does one even start looking? Allow me to offer an option. Roccat claims the Kain 120 Aimo Gaming Mouse is their “masterpiece”. I tested it out to determine how good it really is.

Elpho’s eTherm thermometer will catch a fever faster than your child can wiggle free

Putting sick kids to bed or making them sit still to check their temperature? No, thank you. I’ll pass. However, with three little kids, someone is bound to be sick once or twice — or what seems like all winter long. Thus, I was super pumped to try out the Elepho eTherm Thermometer.

Prana Carter Men’s Hood Sweater is the sweater you know you’ll love

A super high quality cotton sweater with a hood!

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 headset will simplify the way you game on a console

Turtle Beach has recently released the Stealth 600 Gen 2 gaming headset for both PS4 and Xbox One (compatible with PS5 or Xbox One Series X). I recently tested Gen 2 for Xbox and can say the headset earns its “stealth” name. It intensifies my gaming session by allowing minimal distraction.

This foldable kayak fits in the trunk of your car

This foldable kayak fits in the trunk of your car! It’s the ORU Kayak Beach LT.