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Finally, a little birdy I want to listen to

Cubo Ai is like every other monitor that I have seen, except more. Not only is it a fantastic 1080HD camera with 135-degree wide-angle viewing, but it has smart features built-in — and out.

What it’s like to play the Fender Acoustasonic Strat, the most high-tech guitar ever made

I really believe this is the most high-tech guitar I’ve played, partly because you can mix-and-match so many settings on the guitar itself and with the amp.

How the Remarkable 2 will change how you work

The new model is only .19-inches thin and has a more durable feel—like you could drop it or spill coffee on it and not worry about any damage. The company says the new model is 2x as responsive when you take notes. Battery life is also 3x longer than the first model.

Are robots the solution to loneliness during the pandemic?

For some senior citizens, robots are trying to solve the loneliness problem. Elderly people who cannot care for real cats or dogs are suddenly introduced to robotic ones. Some research suggests that interaction with a robot can increase overall wellbeing.

I’ve never seen such a luscious HUD like the one in the 2020 Lexus LS 500h

You sort of do a double-take when you see the HUD screen in the 2020 Lexus LS 500h. It starts at one end of the windshield (just below your main line of sight) and extends all the way across about one-third of the distance.

Gerber Ayako could shave your legs — seriously

Gerber has been a staple in the knife community for quite some time. Gerber has designed some of my favorite knives I’ve had. The Ayako is no different. Opening the knife, I nearly cut myself because of how sharp the blade was and how easy it was to open.

This backpack will catch the eye of any minimalist

The backpack is also designed for maximum comfort and minimal strain. The straps connect to the main unit in a unique way that improves weight distribution and lightens the load.

Adding a headphone jack to your iPad Pro just got easier

I’ve found that the easiest solution to this issue is to buy a USB-C hub with a headphone jack. Rather than subjecting you to hours of research on the best Apple iPad USB-C docks and hubs, I understand your confusion and I am here to help.