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I hooked up a shopvac to the 2021 F-150 4×4 Supercrew XLT and the rest is history

With a portable generator like this, I immediately thought about tailgating. An HDTV and sound system for the game. A mini-refrigerator. Maybe a couple of fans. With four outlets and tons of power available, it seems like the F-150 could become a roving power plant, even if I know Ford likely intends people to use power tools at a work site. I imagine the company was as surprised as anyone about how the Texas truck owners relied on the generator during the emergency, especially since no one can possibly plan for that.

The hoodie you drank for breakfast

I love a good story, but it’s not every day you get to wear one. The Coalatree Evolution Hoodie lets you do just that. Made of plastics and coffee grounds, both recycled, this Coalatree hoodie is surprising, comfortable, durable, and a great conversation starter. Plus, the thoughtful design makes a lot of sense – I’ll come back to some of the well-planned features and unexpected benefits (like its odor resistance) below.

The Buick Encore shows you exactly where to drive at Caribou

I’ve dinged the curb a few times, but not with the Buick Encore GX Essence. This small crossover provides a handy front-facing camera that not only shows a bird’s eye view of your surroundings but even places red lane indicator overlays to show you the direction of the wheels and exactly where you need to drive to avoid curbs.

This biodegradable case protects your phone and the planet

Now more than ever, we are glued to our phone screens searching for the latest home fitness products on Amazon. I find myself using my iPhone 11 all day, everyday. I need a biodegradable case.

This case that can charge your smartphone is a lifesaver

“Do you have a charger on you?” This question has become commonplace. Our smartphones have become more and more prevalent in society, and their batteries have struggled to keep up.…

Second take: This biodegradable case protects your phone and the planet

The case is made from 100% biodegradable plastic as UAG aims to inspire others to take steps towards change for a more sustainable future for our planet.

Work from home? Meet work from anywhere

No longer do I want to be able to just get by working from an inadequate workspace at home. I want to work from anywhere which allows for a variety of creative inputs, an occasional change of scenery, lots of flexibility, and much-needed fresh air.

Wireless charging will never be the same

I remember my first time using a wireless charger. I was blown away at the ease of use. I set my iPhone down on a pad, no cables needed, and went about my business. My mind ran wild with what the future of this technology could be. Nomad recently released their Base Station Pro and it has changed the face of wireless charging for the better.