This screen protector is Apple Pencil’s new best friend

I do enjoy writing on my iPad and edit videos using LumaFusion with the Apple Pencil. The Paperlike boasts added resistance and friction.


The headphones that made me ditch my Beats for working out

Compared to other earbuds, these are surprisingly comfortable. Made of flexible silicone, with comfortable wings that fit into the shape of my ear. While some headphones protrude out, these earbuds stay close to my head.

You’ll never guess how I remember to stay hydrated

The Fillup is your own personal-size water-tower that holds up to 70 ounces (a full day’s supply) of cold water. The unique design is perfect for your work desk or bedside table.

These Reeboks just made at-home workouts more enjoyable. Here’s how

I needed to buy a new pair of workout shoes, and fast. Soon after, I discovered the Reebok Nano 9 and decided to try them out. Right away, I could tell a difference, not only in how my feet felt afterward, but in actual quality and support.

The HidrateSpark 3 taught me how to drink water again

That’s when I did a little research and found the HidrateSpark 3. This super-high-tech water bottle tracks water intake and offers reminders to hydrate throughout the day. I am pleased to report my HidrateSpark has taught me how to hydrate again.


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