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Get charged up wirelessly

While I have slowly grown my collection of wireless chargers, I have learned that my needs change based on where I am. At home, my bedside wireless charger needs are different from what I want on my desk at the office, and again different from what I want to carry in my bag.

Logitech helps you master your productivity and workflow

I’ve been using the Logitech MX Master 3 for Mac Mouse and the Logitech MX Keys for Mac for a couple of weeks now and I must say, everything I hoped and dreamed this system would be has come to fruition — everything.

Turn your car into an aromatherapy office

This portable oil diffuser is the aroma system in your car. Just like the premium sound system in a movie theater, the diffuser covers you entirely with the odor of your choice. Unlike some car diffusers that attach to the power outlet, this aroma lamp is cordless and sits in your cup holder. The diffuser holds two days’ worth of charge for an enjoyable ride.

Get jazzed about Fender’s new line of Jazzmasters

Fender recently released the Fender American Professional II Jazzmaster guitar and their Twin Reverb Blonde Amplifier. I’ve played around with this combo for a couple of weeks now and I am absolutely blown away.

What the solar roof on the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited means for future cars

Fast forward almost 10 years and I just finished testing the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited that also has a solar roof. This time, however, the roof transfers power to the battery in the vehicle. You gain about two miles per day or about 700 miles per year.

What comes next after thoroughly testing the Genesis G90 puddle and approach lights

Genesis calls these lights “puddle/approach lamps” and, oh the irony. My entire shoe was completely soaked through. It wasn’t until I looked up the approach lamps and noticed that Genesis mentions puddles that I had a good laugh about that. Yeah, you need the key.

The new Google Pixel Buds might be more aware of my surroundings than I am

It was really easy to connect the Google Pixel Buds to my phone. I just turned on Bluetooth and selected the pairing notification. The earbuds hold 24-hours worth of charge as long as you store them in the case, and last five hours when removed from the case.

The Samsung 870 QVO 1TB Solid State Drive is a cost-efficient way to begin your PC’s launch into hyperdrive

Is the Samsung 870 QVO all sunshine and rainbows? If you’re looking for a speed boost, then yes. Keep in mind that any hard drive can still fail, and I always encourage people to back up essential files in the cloud and/or on DVD or Blu-Ray.