Honeydew Sleep Bamboo Sheets review: Slide into a comfortable sleep

The world is a hard place. For about one third of your life, why not enjoy something that helps you take a break from reality? 

The Honeydew Sleep Bamboo Sheets are made from bamboo (more on that later) but have a silky-soft feel. We spend a lot of time sleeping in life, and at $180, these sheets are not exactly exorbitant. I tested the sheets over several weeks and felt like I was at a luxurious hotel instead of just in my own bed.

My wife was a little surprised I was even testing sheets, to be honest. She expects FedEx to drop off phones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets, but at Gearadical, we really try to cover anything that helps you radically enjoy life. That includes sleeping products.

At first, I had the impression that these “silk-like” sheets would be too slick or slippery. The sheets are made from a material called viscose which is derived from bamboo. Why bamboo? Well, it’s because this is a plentiful natural material and the stalks grow really fast, which means it is a sustainable plant. Curiously, my impression of silk sheets being too slick formed because of movies and TV shows where you always see these actors in hotels or laying on expensive white sheets; for me, they just looked impractical and not that warm.

I was wrong about that. You don’t really slide around at all, and the sheets are definitely warm and comfortable. It took exactly five minutes for me to realize that this is a product that really trumps the typical Walmart or Target brand sheets. I’m not sure why we’ve always done this, but in my family, we usually go the budget route. I was thinking how, for about 33% of our lives, we are asleep, and yet spending $40 on sheets is the norm.

I was also thinking about the deep science of it all. At night, our brains and bodies go into a recharge state where we are preparing for the next day. Our bodies actually go into a mild form of hibernation where we cool down and then, in the morning right before we wake, actually heat up. Sheets that provide the warmth you need and feel comfortable assist in this process.

The material helps. Because of the softness and thickness, your body breathes as it should and also conforms easier to the mattress as opposed to staying too stiff. Night after night, we noticed how these comfort and warmth of the material helped us sleep better. The sheets wick moisture from your body as well. I will be curious in warmer months if the sheets help with breathability on hot summer nights when we skip the AC in our house.

I liked how the sheets stayed in place. There are straps at each corner to make sure the sheet itself doesn’t slide around at all. We never had any trouble with the sheets popping at a corner or coming off the mattress, which is not something I can say about the sheets we normally use.

I was impressed with the comfort and breathability, and felt like our sleep improved right away the first night compared to ill-fitting, thin sheets that don’t really provide the right comfort level.