I tested the BodyGuardz smartphone cases, here’s the good news and the bad news

Apple smartphone BodyGuardz screen protectors and case
Credit: BodyGuardz

If there were an award for “clumsiest human in existence” I’d be a candidate. 

I’m always knocking things over, bumping into things, tripping over myself, that sort of thing. However, I particularly specialize in dropping important items — I dropped my dad’s expensive watch into a lake when I was five years old and I have not looked back since (and yes, I’m still apologizing for that).

Thus, when given the chance to review smartphone cases and screen protectors from BodyGuardz, I jumped at the opportunity. I was very much looking forward to being my clumsy self without fear of damaging my smartphone. 

Little did I know, this blissful relief would be short-lived.

First, I tried out some of the BodyGuardz screen protectors — namely, the Pure 2 Edge and the Spyglass. I found that installing the screen protectors was a complicated process and required very careful reading and comprehension of the instructions in order to succeed. I botched the first attempt but was able to maneuver it onto my phone anyways.

Too soon after, I put the Pure 2 Edge screen protector to the test — the same day I installed it. When I accidentally set my phone too close to the edge of my bathroom countertop, it took a tumble onto the tile floor. Watching from my shower, time seemed to slow as my iPhone fell and smacked onto the floor sending an echo through my bathroom. Though a little worried, I was confident in the screen protector’s abilities and continued my shower in peace. 

Lo and behold, I soon discovered that my screen protector was completely cracked in a web-like pattern all across the screen. 

I shrugged it off, figuring the cracking was due to the fall height, tile landing surface…or maybe it was just a fluke. However, two more Bodyguardz screen protectors (another Pure 2 Edge and a Spyglass screen protector) suffered the same fate — catastrophic breakage after their very first drop. The Spyglass screen protector cracked even though I dropped it about two feet onto a carpeted floor.

Granted, these screen protectors do exactly what their name implies — my phone screen was unscathed despite the cracked protectors. Regardless, the fact that I blew through three screen protectors in under a week isn’t exactly ideal.

I had much more luck with the Bodyguardz phone cases — I tested the Ace Pro, Harmony, and Shock models. I am pleased to report that all of these cases succeeded in protecting my phone from my own clumsiness. While testing these, my screen never once cracked. At one point, it even survived a nasty 40-foot-fall onto cold concrete. I gasped. It survived.

I do have some issues with the Bodyguardz phone cases, however. 

Some of the cases are a bit bulky (except for the Shock, my personal favorite), a forgivable offense considering that my phone was well protected. Additionally, I found that the backsides of many of them were slippery on my hand leading to, somehow, even more drops. 

However, because of the protection they provide to my phone, I would quickly recommend these cases to anyone who doesn’t mind a bulky case.

The BodyGuardz smartphone cases live up to the brand’s name, guarding smartphones against a serious break. The screen protectors do the same, guarding your screen — but usually breaking in the process. 

It wouldn’t be hard to find a screen protector that does a better job of both protecting your phone and simultaneously staying intact. So, unless you enjoy replacing $20-$40 screen protectors every few days, I would caution you to avoid the BodyGuardz screen protectors at any cost. 

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