Keep on strollin’ on Stroll-on Double Stroller

With my growing family, it was time for a double stroller. I have never used a double stroller before and I had expectations it was going to feel bulky and take up way too much space. Thankfully I was wrong! 

The Stroll On Double Stroller by Century Baby is lightweight with a modern design that was easy to put together. It has an amazing stand alone fold up feature I didn’t realize I needed. Seriously, that feature should be a requirement on all strollers. It folds up with a click of a button and is nicely compacted when folded to make it easy to store or place in the car. The stroller is nicely narrow that would make it easy to navigate through a store. 

The back seat reclines all the way down and the front one does recline a bit but not all the way down. I believe both of my kids could nap comfortably on the go! I wish the recline feature was an automatic click lock when adjusting the seat up or down, but instead it is a strap you tighten like a bag.  

Storage on the bottom is roomy going below the whole length of the stroller. It is high enough off the ground that if you’re going over a rougher surface you wouldn’t have any problem with the storage hitting the floor. My two year old sitting in the back can touch the bottom of the storage floor, which can be an issue if you had snacks under they would most likely get squished by little feet. Storage is great for smaller toys going to a park and does fit my diaper bag. I can see this stroller is best for younger kids, when my kids get taller the overhead canopy will be too short to cover their heads. 

I appreciate the fact that the stroller is made from recycled materials! It’s very well made, sturdy and durable with a great price point. We look forward to using this stroller with my two kids for the next few years!