Meet the Team

Media Relations

For any questions, inquiries, or product pitches, please email Tom Kuphal:


John Brandon

John is the Owner and Executive Editor of Gearadical.

Tom Kuphal

Tom is the Editor-in-Chief of Gearadical. Tom enjoys fishing, hiking, and playing tabletop games with his wife and three sons. He has been a PC enthusiast since DOS was still an operating system, and while his favorite pastime is spent outdoors, you will often find him reading about gaming trends and purchasing games he will never take the time to play.

Annalise Santillan

Annie is a Senior Editor covering baby and kid products, toys, fitness, apparel and more.

Mason Sherrill 

Mason is a Senior Editor covering fitness, home products, lifestyle and more. Mason is an adventure enthusiast and Shellback who has sailed on a tall ship from Mexico to Tahiti and traveled to six different continents. He enjoys fishing, hiking, camping, and traveling – not to mention a great cup of coffee. However, his life’s joy is spending time with his wife and five young children.

Joel Willsey

Joel is a Senior Editor covering gadgets, tech, fitness, and many other product categories.

Katie Welhouse

Katie is a Senior Editor covering lifestyle products, pets, beauty products, and much more.

Jeff McCann

Jeff is a Senior Editor covering outdoor products, drones, video gear, and more.

Tim Franklin

Tim is a Senior Editor at Gearadical. Over the last 28 years, Tim has strengthened his love for customer service & business process. He is an ERP Administrator, system architect, teammate and trainer. Aside from spending time with his lovely wife, children and grandchildren, he spends his time in the kitchen, by the grill or on the boat. He is either listening to Audible or singing a tune. He loves gadgets and innovation and hopes to bring great products to the Gearadical reader that will inspire others to play and experience life in new ways.

Tim Rogness

Tim is the Business Director at Gearadical.

Sierra Welch

Sierra Welch is an Intern at Gearadical.