Nomatic Mckinnon Camera Backpack review: I love cubes and ladders

Nomatic is known for making high-quality products. Their bags, backpacks, and luggage are all made with acute detail. I appreciate how Nomatic thinks “why do people use a bag?” Nomatic linked up with a photographer to create what they believe to be the best camera bag. They didn’t just get any photographer they teamed up with Peter McKinnon. An amazing photographer not only known for his work but also for his social media presence, with currently 5.83 million subscribers on YouTube. Peter knows what photographers want and need in a camera backpack and Nomatic knows how to make a bag. The product they made is top-notch. The McKinnon camera pack is exactly what I wanted.

It’s not just a camera bag. No seriously. The 25L bag, also available in 35L, is all about customization. The main space in the backpack is designed to fit cubes and dividers and what they call the ladder system. The cubes and dividers are sold separately which is a real bummer. Customization is the bread and butter of the McKinnon camera backpack. I like creating a space that fits my needs exactly. Depending on the occasion I would use 1 small cube that would fit my lenses and the ladder system for other things. I also used the backpack for a day trip and took out the ladder and small cube to fit more clothes. You really can create a space that is great for any trip or occasion.

I found my camera always found its way in the easy-to-access top, lid, as I call it. It is right on the top of the bag for quick access. Super easy for me to grab on the fly. It never felt like a pain to get my camera out of the backpack. I always need to take my work on the go. I don’t go anywhere without my iPad, thankfully there is an external laptop sleeve that fits up to a 16″ Macbook Pro. I also appreciate the use of space with the extra 4 internal zipper mesh pockets. I need to put my gum somewhere! The sides have two magnetic pockets for water bottles and tripods. There are straps that are sold separately to allow strap things tight to the side. There are also external molle hooks on the front of the bag to allow you to bring just a little bit more. Unfortunately, these straps are sold separately, 2 for $19.99.

I said wow right when I laid eyes on the McKinnon camera pack. I may be a bit biased because I love matte colors so much. The matte black is so sleek. I enjoy seeing all the cool places Nomatic incorporates Peter McKinnon’s pirate logo. It really is full of treasure. The materials feel durable and rugged. It is water resistant so I never worry about my gear getting ruined. It’s also super easy to clean with just a couple of wipes. The zippers all feel nice and sealed with ends that were easy for me to find and grip. I love the top handle. I tend to carry around my backpacks more than I should. They actually added what feels like a gel or memory foam to the handle. Gear can get heavy and so can the backpack when I bring everything I want. The comfort on my hands is a small detail I know only a few people would understand someone like Peter McKinnon!

This backpack fits exactly what I want. All my camera gear for a quick shoot, Or just the essentials for a weekend trip. I love customization! It makes me feel like my money is going to something that will change and evolve with me. The McKinnon Camera backpack with just the ladder system is $299.99. However, My favorite part of the backpack costs extra. Sold separately are the large cube for $69.99, the small cube for $44.99, and the divider kit for $39.99. Nomatic does provide a lifetime warranty and I do believe this backpack will last you for years. I wish the cubes were included in the original MSRP, other than that I don’t have a bad thing to say about the bag. Peter Mckinnon and Nomatic really outdid themselves with this one.