Tesla is considering using cameras for Zoom calls

Credit: tesla

What if you could be on a Zoom call while driving in your Tesla? 

Tesla drivers now want to turn the company’s electric vehicles into a mobile workplace, not content with the video streaming options, music services, and ability to browse over the internet. 

The Model SX, and 3 models are well suited for daily Zoom and video calls during this pandemic due to their sleek center console displays. 

One Tesla owner showed off their Zoom meeting in a Model 3 just before the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. But as the poster and commentators noted, having the ability to use the cameras already built into the Tesla for Zoom calls through the car’s web browser would be incredibly useful.

Many have also called for the addition of a camera to the in-dash screen. This seems to be a common wish with one person who has noted that “an internal video chat camera will be perfect for attending calls while driving.” 

The chorus of Tesla cheerleaders for this feature is growing stronger as quarantines and work-from-home orders continue through May. Elon Musk is frequently pinged on Twitter with support for Zoom or video chat in his cars.

A Zoom spokesperson clarified in an email that making Zoom available in car infotainment systems is not the safest-to-use situation, particularly because people will inevitably find a way to use it while driving. But like YouTube or video games, Tesla could make video conferencing accessible only when its cars are parked. 

An email to Tesla went unanswered about Zoom or other video conferencing capabilities. 

Still, seeing as Musk’s other service, SpaceX, forbade the use of Zoom over security concerns, don’t expect to see video chats coming in the next Tesla update.