Want to stay active during the coronavirus lockdown? This product will help

Credit: Athletic Propulsion

The quarantine boredom is real. 

I’m from Minnesota. Our stay-at-home order went into effect March 27. Other than work and deep-cleaning everything in sight, I ran out of things to do around March 28. To save myself from insanity, I picked up a few new hobbies to stay busy and, most importantly, to stay active. 

My husband and I enjoy running a few times a week together to get outside and active (I’m not joking). With gyms closed, we now run even more often than usual. 

We decided to create a running goal to stay motivated. To start we plan to run a 10k. Our final goal is to run a half marathon by the end of the summer. 

The first step to reaching this goal was finding the perfect running shoes. I’m very particular about which fitness product I use. I need my shoes to feel light, yet hold structure. They need to flex just right and feel breathable. They also need to look good. 

Athletic Propulsion Labs Women’s TechLoom Wave sneakers checked all of my boxes and helped me feel better during and after my run.

Identical twins Adam and Ryan Goldston, both former two sport collegiate athletes, started Athletic Propulsion Labs, also known as APL. Their footwear features patented performance technology combined with luxury designs to create a shoe that looks as good as it feels.

 I opened the shoe box to a pair of light pink TechLoom Wave sneakers. The shoes look fresh and sleek. Their woven design features what they call a Phantom lace loop that allows you to tie or tuck the laces for an even cleaner appearance. 

I slipped the sneakers on and instantly noticed the cushion of APL’s proprietary Propelium technology. Propelium is a compound designed by APL. It helps the running shoe midsole maintain a higher level of structure through extended use by the runner. 

It’s comfortable and bouncy, yet structured and fitted. I tied up the laces and felt how perfectly the shoes flexed and fit to my foot with every step. Their newly developed high-elastic 3D stretch material feels like a second skin, yet never feels floppy. 

I walked outside to put them to the test and started a full jog. A few miles later, my feet felt great. The shoes were rigid but never limited my range of motion. I loved how the internal cage kept the shoes perfectly in place, even in the final strides of my six mile run. 

The TechLoom Wave out-performed my expectations. They were breathable, flexible and supportive. Plus, in my opinion, I prefer their design over any other sneakers I’ve owned. 

They’re definitely a win. 

I’m winning as well.

Last week, my husband and I finished our first 10k. I cannot rave enough about these shoes during the process. If you decide to pick up running while staying active at home during this pandemic, don’t start without the TechLoom Wave sneakers. Your body will thank you for it.