6 fun gifts to give around the holidays 

The holidays are in full swing, and if you’re like me, you are already starting to do some online shopping (or even venturing to a real store). To help spur some ideas, these gadgets and products for the holiday season might be just the ticket for the hard-to-please.

1. Chasing Paper Art Print ($95)

For anyone who wants a quick and easy way to order pictures that arrive framed and ready to hang, Chasing Paper is a good option. The company is more known for their wallpaper and other decorative products, but the frame I tested looks great and is made from quality materials.

2. Logitech MX Mechanical Mini Keyboard ($150)

A couple of our writers here use an iPad to do their reviews, and this keyboard from Logitech makes it far easier to type. (I still prefer a laptop, sorry colleagues.) The MX Mechanical Mini works with the Mac or an iPad; keys clack in a satisfying and productive way.

3. Positive Grid Spark Mini ($230)

My favorite music product of the year, the Positive Grid Spark Mini works with your phone so you can emulate different amps, play along with songs from a vast library, and even create songs that automatically add bass and drums.

4. Miir TruEnamel Tumbler ($30)

Here’s a tip for anyone who drinks a lot of coffee like me. You will save way more of the magic black liquid if you use one of these enamel cups, which has a tight-fitting lid that keeps your beverage warm.

5. Slime Emergency Roadside Deluxe Kit ($61)

Grab one of these emergency kits for just about anyone you know who drives a car. The package is extensive, including jumper cables, a way to inflate a flat tire, and even a glowing emergency signal. The carrying bag keeps it all in one kit.

6. Viking Oval Roaster ($180)

For the holiday season, this roaster makes it easier to cook up a ham or a roast in no time. I liked the large handles on the side, and there are two different lids — one that you can see through and one that also doubles as a grill pan.