American Kitchen’s Stainless Steel Skillet and Saucepan are tough as nails and cook to perfection

My old pots and pans are looking a little rough. The rubber handles on the skillet and saucepan slip around like the butter I usually melt inside of them. In a desperate search for an improved replacement, I discover a company I wish I would have known about years ago – American Kitchen. American Kitchen is a family owned manufacturer located in Wisconsin. They have been around for 100 years and claim to offer “the highest quality cookware in America”. Thankfully, they let me put that quality to the test with a new stainless Steel saucepan and skillet. 

I always start the morning with eggs. For some reason, my kids think I make them better than my wife, but the secret is purely psychological. I just tell them my eggs are amazing, and I cook them once for every twenty times she does. Therefore, it is special when I make eggs – or better. I bust out my new skillet and the first thing I notice beyond its sleek design is the weightiness to it. American Kitchen really does make a solid product. The bottom itself is heavy and thick and gets hot quickly, much more quickly than my Le Creuset skillet. Because of the heavy bottom of this pan you can also count on it to heat evenly. 

As referenced before, I liken it to the ever popular Le Creuset brand – but this baby is made in America. This is important to me.  I start by heating the pan to open it up and then add some butter or oil. Once I get to the desired temp, I add my food of choice – usually meat. It sears meat to perfection making for delicious melt in your mouth roasts and tender beef in stew. 

There is a learning curve to this skillet. As with all stainless steel skillets, I’ve found that heating the pan prior to putting in the oil or butter will help to create a non-stick surface. Don’t skip this step. Be patient because good food is worth waiting for. Perhaps some people are hesitant to purchase stainless steel because using stainless steel means you aren’t using a non-stick surface. However,  let me tell you, you don’t want that non-stick surface. With American Kitchen you are guaranteed you aren’t eating your non-stick coating. How many times have you seen other people’s weathered pots and pans that were coated with a non-stick, and now they are chipped, discolored, and peeling?

It’s a big no for me to eat food made on non-stick. I don’t trust that the coating isn’t also leaking into my food. With high quality, food grade stainless steel from American Kitchen you are guaranteed you aren’t eating a side of chemicals with your perfectly seared steak.  

Also of high importance, this skillet and saucepan are rock solid. You don’t have to make sure you’re only using soft silicone spatulas so as to protect the surface. Your favorite thin metal spatula you use to flip pancakes? Go ahead and use it with no regrets. Are you like me and like to use a potato masher to make sure your ground beef is crumbly and in tiny pieces? You can use that masher with this pan. It’s solid and heavy and virtually indestructible.

Clean-up has been easy. As mentioned, we’ve made scrambled eggs in this pan. Is anything worse than scraping scrambled eggs off a pan? As long as I prep the pan, clean-up only requires soap and a kitchen sponge. To maintain that shiny surface, I use a little baking soda to give it a good polish every couple uses. You aren’t going to be standing at the kitchen sink scrubbing forever. Nor are you going to have to “let it soak” for days…unless you’re just waiting for your wife to do the dishes (I would never do this, but don’t tell my wife I wrote it). 

Put this skillet and saucepan to the test. I dare you. Purchase American Kitchen not only for the superior product, but purchase it also because you are supporting an American Product. In this day and age, I’ll support American products for the quality and the home grown product.