AnkerWork M650 review: Get better audio recording on your iPhone

Social media content has become the king of marketing, vertical videos, quick interviews, and vlogs are everywhere. With high-performing cameras available on phones, tablets, computers, and cameras, it’s amazing what can be produced. However, no matter what device you use, the stock audio is often poor. AnkerWork has developed a solution to upgrade your audio quality no matter what device you’re recording on with the M650 Wireless Microphones.

The first thing that stands out about AnkerWork’s product is the charging case. AnkerWork has put just as much effort into producing the microphones as they did the charging case, resulting in a sleek cylinder-shaped case that feels sturdy and protective. The case also has a rubber footing to prevent it from sliding around. There are also LED lights on the front to indicate the charge level of the microphones and receivers. The case provides 15 hours of battery life, perfect for filming all day. If the case runs out of charge, there’s a fast charge option with Anker PowerIQ to get back to full charge in no time.

Inside the case, you’ll find two microphones, a receiver/transmitter, a lighting adapter, and a USB-C receiver. The Lav microphones have the AnkerWork logo prominently displayed in the center. While this may be a bit annoying in camera shots, it’s understandable that branding is important. You can also change the top cover to different colors, including metallic black, soft gold, and dark jade. To attach the microphone to your subject, the backing has a clip or a magnetic system to snap onto clothing. It’s a simple system that provides flexibility in usage.

The microphones are very easy to use. Everything worked seamlessly when the receiver/transmitter was plugged into my phone and immediately started working. The transmitter has a high-resolution touchscreen for quick controls, allowing you to mute, adjust gain, start and stop recording, change to stereo or mono, and adjust the level of noise reduction during your recording. I was allowed to see the input from both microphones simultaneously. This is a huge win for me so I can adjust the gain on the fly so my audio levels don’t peak.

The audio quality is clear and crisp, thanks to multiple factors. The VoiceShield Noise cancellation technology helps to eliminate unwanted sounds. The Omnidirectional Microphone easily picks up voices, and the 656 ft range ensures that the microphones won’t drop out during recording. The dual-channel feature is incredibly useful for quick interviews, making it easy to set up and start recording. You can also get up to 7 hours of uncompressed file storage, allowing for professional EQ adjustments. For windy days, two windscreens are included to ensure the best quality for less-than-ideal situations. I was pleasantly surprised at the ability to cut wind noise. Sure if you’re in a wind tunnel it’s not going to be great but for breezy shoots outside I was satisfied with the overall quality. The M650 worked so great with my phone, but they can also be used with other devices, such as the Blackmagic 6k camera through the Aux cable included.

AnkerWork has put a lot of effort into this product. Frankly, im impressed not knowing anything from AnkerWork my expectations were low. They made me excited about future products. I wish the front of the microphones were blacked out, but I understand that AnkerWork wants to get their name out there. At an MSRP of $250.00, the value is built into the price. The ease of use and plug-and-go style make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to quickly share a cool moment on their Instagram or TikTok page. I’m glad I decided to take my audio to the next level with the M650 Wireless Microphones.

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