Are Technics noise canceling earbuds better than Apple AirPods Pro?

In this article, we will take a look at Technics EAH-AZ60 True Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds and its features. We will also see how they stack up to the Apple AirPods Pro, especially the active noise canceling. Let’s take a look.

Active noise canceling

This is a feature that will make you love whatever earbuds you get as long as it does indeed have effective active noise canceling. The Technics EAH-AZ60 earbuds really impressed me as soon as I first used them. You get a couple modes that are super practical depending on the noise of the environment you are in. The basic noise canceling mode really knocks down surrounding noise, ambient mode has a couple options within it. Transparent which lets in pretty much everything and attention mode that will give special attention to speaking and announcements, helpful if you are in an airport waiting for your flight to board. Apple AirPods also have great noise cancellation with less control unless you had a 3rd party app. If I had to choose one of these noise canceling earbuds, it would be like sitting in the chair at the optometrist going between the two, but the Technics would have a slight edge.

Technics boasts eight mics to reduce noise and increase voice clarity. I have to admit I was pretty skeptical that this would perform all that well. So to try it out, I went into my movie room where my family was watching tv and the tv volume was quite a bit louder than necessary. So I made a couple calls expecting to have to repeat myself over and over, but the tv was pretty muted on the other end. According to my extremely unscientific research, the Technics did quite a bit better in this category. Under normal volume both did well although talking (news) was harder for both to filter out than full movie sound with music and sound effects.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is expected to be very good at the price point of these earbuds and both deliver. Overall they are both quite impressive. One of the things I really want in any audio product is the ability to control the EQ. This is where the two differ. The Technics wireless earbuds come with a free app (Technics Audio Connect) that gives you plenty of control, such as the ability to customize the EQ. For me this makes all the difference as I like crisp tremble and some good punch in the low end. Overall, the AirPods seem to produce a bit more volume in general but the Technics made me feel more like I was listening to a full system.

The Fit

In this category, these two are completely different. Apple has built a solid chunk of their brand on a specific shape and style, you know what they look like. The Technics are a sport style that gives you more security as it fills your ear. You can easily do backflips on a trampoline with them on if you want to. AirPods are probably going to fall out half the time. I don’t like always having to re-adjust my earbuds all the time so I pick the Technics in this category. They also come with seven silicone ear tip sizes so one of them will fit snug. I like this style because for some reason I have a hard time getting the perfect fit, and the Technics fit well, even for a longer period of time.


At the time of this article, AirPods will run ya $250 on Apple’s site, or $180 on Amazon. Get the Technics EAH-AZ60s for a tad under $200. Check out some more budget friendly earbuds here.

Touch and voice controls

Both are very similar for these functions, both work well. The one thing I wish my Technics had is the ability to detect when I am removing them from my ear so I stop unintentionally calling people when I take them out.

Other features

Both have a nice, small compact case that of course charges them. Both have quick charge and long battery life on regular charge. Same IPX4 sweat and water resistance. The Technics do have multipoint pairing capability.


That should give you enough to make a good decision for your ears. Knowing and using both products, I like the Technics better. While most features are very similar, the audio control and fit make the difference, it’s just the little extra comfort and control I want. For both, the active noise cancellation alone will be worth the price to eliminate crying babies on the plane and background noise when you are trying to read. It’s no doubt that both are very good products so the decision is up to you!