Backing up in the 2023 Infiniti QX60 is easier than ever

I’m not sure how to improve the back-up camera on the 2023 Infiniti QX60.

In testing one for a week, it became obvious the wide viewing panel, the indicators about your direction and any obstructions, the guides for making sure you pull out of a garage or parking spot safely, and even the clarity of the screen itself all made it super easy.

The cameras are mounted in the front grill, in the rest, and the side mirrors to stitch together your view around the vehicle. As you back-up, you can see indicators in real-time about where you are in relation to a curb, another car. Or some other obstruction.

In testing it, I noticed it is unusually clear and helped me go in reverse much easier.

The colored lines are unique, and they have a practical intent. The red line shows that an object is about 18-inches away from the rear tailgate, so you can easily judge how close you should get to a curb or another car when you go in reverse. A yellow line means an obstruction is about three feet away, and the two green lines indicate when you are about 7 feet or 10 feet away.

Infiniti also shows “predictive” paths as you back-up toward a parking spot. I will refrain from making any dad jokes here about how this might help you kids know which way they are heading if you are teaching them to drive, but suffice it looks quite useful. 

You almost have to try to run into a pylon or a lawnmower in your garage when there is a big orange line showing what you will hit. There’s also a system called MOD (Moving Object Detection) that is constantly scanning for moving objects, showing another indicator box to help you avoid objects when you are backing-up or moving forward (below six miles per hour).

Here’s a video that explains how it all works:

I had someone walk behind the vehicle as I was inching slowly back, and it’s a helpful system to show you where to steer and when to brake to avoid anything as you go in reverse.

I mentioned how the reason this works so well is that the display is wide and clear. Previous models I’ve tested years ago did not have as clear a screen, so Infiniti has likely increased not just the size but the quality of the cameras and the image you see on the screen. I just remember thinking it was clearer than what I remember from before.

And, this is the type of automated driving I prefer. I’m in full control of the car, but I have guides, auditory clues, and a clear screen to help me drive. I prefer if the car doesn’t do the driving for me, since I’m perfectly capable of driving on my own.

Photo by John Brandon