Bundle up this winter with these top-rated jackets

Winter where I live has thrown us a lot of surprises. For starters, it’s still cold and windy but there’s very little snow. That’s jarring for December when we sometimes get dumped on the entire month of December. Because I like to stay warm in the cold, even when there’s dry ground, I wanted to test out a few new jackets and see which one could stand the Midwest cold. Here’s my top picks.

Roark Chopper II Jacket

Don’t be easily fooled by the appearance of this thinly layered jacket. Made from”100% Nylon and recycled Primaloft” the Roark Chopper II jacket will last you throughout any chilly season. So, I put this jacket to the test during the fall and winter to ensure both durability and variety for any cold breeze that comes your way. 

Let’s just say, I was impressed. Not only does the Chopper II jacket have a slim-fitting design, but the insulation was able to keep me warm all season long.

One of the best features of this design, in my opinion, is the coat length. It’s made with a subtle, yet recognizable curve to the figure. The design is well-suited for any body shape with expected complements to come your way. If you are looking for a new jacket, but like to wear your thick sweatshirt or sweater then this is a great option for layering up. Make sure you don’t miss out on this great multi-faceted jacket for the New Year.

Quince Responsible Down Puffer Jacket

As an active dog-walker for my puppy, I knew that I needed to keep my jacket options open this winter season. So, I was pleasantly intrigued to review this thick, down puffer jacket from Quince. Made from 100% recycled polyester and designed to be water-resistant, this jacket is a great find for those in the market to stay warm in 2024. 

Not only does this jacket come in eight different color choices, but the jacket is stylish and functional. Made with soft lining inside the jacket to the thumb slips in the cuffs, there are many features to this jacket that promise warmth and comfort. 

One of the most notable mentions for this Responsible Down-Puffer Jacket is that this is RDS certified. Now, you may be wondering what that means for a company. While in this case it means that animal welfare is protected and sourced to ensure that the product is 100% cruelty-free. Again, as an active dog-walker for my puppy, this is a fun fact to know when wearing this jacket. Guaranteed to keep you warm on these long, winter walks while also making you feel good when you walk your dog.

Outdoor Research Women’s SuperStrand LT Jacket

Do you enjoy going outside in the cold? Maybe not, but do you still have to at least get to your car that is outside? Yes, of course. Which means that you need a jacket if you live anywhere that is under 55 degrees. As a Minnesotan, anything over 55 degrees is considered warm to us. Which is why Outdoor Research has multiple options to choose from in the New Year. One such jacket is the OR SuperStrand LT Jacket.

It could be considered as light as a feather or just engineered to pack into an “ultralight average of 10 ounces and compresses down to the size of your palm” according to Outdoor Research. This jacket is lightweight, functional, and it can also be worn all season long. Tested to last all year round if you live in Minnesota, but this jacket can also great to have on hand for any day with wind, rain, or snow.

If you are in the market this New Year for a new jacket, then you have found these three tested and approved jackets that will keep you warm all year round.