Casio CT-S1000V made playing keys easy

Music is all around us. Maybe you are one of the people who are creating the music. If you are, this is a product you need. The Casio CT-S1000V Electronic Keyboard is purely incredible. Let’s start with the facts.

This Casio Electronic Keyboard contains 61 touch responsive keys with a sleek design. The knobs that control the features we will talk about in this review are smooth and accurate. There are ¼’ line outputs to connect to mixers or PA systems. The Bright backlit LCD display is located in the middle of the top part of the keyboard and is very easy to read. This keyboard has the standard AC power adapter and a USB-MIDI to connect to your device. This Casio has built in speakers that sound fantastic, but if you are looking to dive in to get a fuller and louder sound, you can plug in your headset to the keyboard and play. You can even use that ¼’ output to connect to an amp to listen more loudly or play a gig. You have options for whatever setting you need to play in. Casio has you covered.

The functions of this keyboard are endless. Looking to have a choir sing a random lyric you created? You can do it. You want to make your keyboard sound robotic? You can do it. This keyboard has so many different options to make your music the most creative you want. It also has an app so that you can customize the lyrics to have the keyboard play them. If you are lacking inspiration don’t worry. With 243 loaded fully-accompanied rhythms you can jam out and create from there. This keyboard is not lacking with any of its creativity.

As mentioned above, this keyboard lets you connect with your other devices. Sometimes using audio interfaces for creating sounds can be a pain, but when you use the MIDI plug in from the keyboard it can help it go flawlessly.

This Casio keyboard is also perfect for travel. Instead of a full-size keyboard to haul around, there are only 61 keys. Small enough to travel with, but big enough to have access to the keys you will mainly use.

Whether you are a music major studying piano, a first time learner, or a pianist for a band, this keyboard will be the right fit for you. It is diverse in many areas and will assist you in your needs. Right now this keyboard will run you around $469. This is a crazy low price when you check out other keyboards on the market, and for such a reliable brand? This is a steal. If this sounds like the right keyboard for you, check out the link below and start your creative journey today.