Coalatree has created the comfiest joggers made from coffee grounds

A woman wearing her Evolution Joggers from Coalatree while eating at a restaurant.
Credit: Coalatree

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw that Coalatree’s Evolution Joggers were made out of 3 cups of coffee grounds and ten recycled plastic bottles. Before discovering Coalatree, I had never seen eco-friendly sweat pants that offered as many features. 

Besides being environmentally friendly, Coalatree advertises that their joggers are made with sustainable fabric, large zippered pockets, quick-dry material, UV protection, odor control, and stain resistance. I wanted to put these coffee joggers to the test and explore their many features out of curiosity. Could joggers be made out of coffee grounds and still feel like joggers? 

Coalatree Evolution Joggers retail for $89.00 and come in four colors and six sizes. I received the unisex size small in the color maroon. Right as I tried these joggers on, I was blown away by how comfortable they were. They were unbelievably soft and fleecy without being too loose or tight.

 Because this product is unisex, I expected the fit to be a bit off or baggy in some areas. But on the contrary, they fit like a glove! The fleece material was very breathable, and the material didn’t snag. One of the special secret features in the right pocket is the hashtag #Greettheoutdoors printed on the fabric and a little loop to hold keys or small items. 

The Evolution Joggers include three zippered pockets: two on the side and one on the back right. Not only are these the zippers sleek, but the pockets are incredibly spacious without being bulky. I was able to fit both my phone and my wallet in one pocket, which is a feat I’ve never been able to do. Fitting all my valuables in my pockets felt revolutionary! Not only were the pockets amazing, but the waistband was snug and stayed up without tying the drawstrings. 

On the wear and tear side, these pants really held up to their brand promise. My first experiment testing out durability came when my dog drooled all over my leg. I didn’t think it would come off until I took a wet cloth to wipe it away, and it magically disappeared without soaking in! Later, I had another unexpected test during a clumsy incident with a glass of milk. Instead of absorbing into the fleece, the milk completely rolled off! 

The ultimate test came while wearing these pants as I traveled across two airports. As I flew from a cold to a warm climate, I was expecting to get overheated because of the fleecy material. To my surprise, I did not feel hot while walking through the airport or sitting on the plane. Storage-wise, these joggers packed down nicely in my backpack without adding any extra weight. I would travel with them again in a heartbeat. The only downside I found while wearing these joggers was one scratchy tag on the inside. Other than that, they really held up to the features advertised! 

The unisex versatility of these joggers is great for anyone and everyone. Whether you are traveling, lounging, or working from home, these pants are for you. The stain-resistant material comes in handy to compensate for the unexpected coffee spill, while the spacious zippered pockets keep your valuables safe. Alongside durability, these pants are a great travel companion, and the material compensates for a range of climates. 

Coalatree is an incredible company because of what they make and what they do for the environment. The excess material they produce goes to making blankets for the homeless, and their waterless dye method saves about 20 gallons of water per pound of textile that is dyed. Not only do they use materials that come from responsible sources, but they compensate their workers fairly. In the future, I will definitely be investing in other products made by Coalatree. 

Pick up a pair of Coalatree’s Evolution Joggers today!