Playmat by Coco Village

In this article, we will be looking at the Coco Village Playmat, so here we go!

I’m used to having carpet in my living room. Growing up, our living room was always carpeted, and for the first few apartments or townhomes my wife and I had, the living room was carpet.

Well, we just bought our first home back in December and the living room, and entire main floor, is a beautiful wood floor. Normally, this is great. But, with kids, it raises some issues. Now, as the ripe age of somewhere in my mid twenties, kneeling down and playing on the floor became something I would prep my knees for.

We have a rug that breaks up our living room area (open concept home) from the other spaces, however it’s still not the most comfortable to roll around on with my kids.

So, we began the search for a good play mat that was comfortable, easy to clean, safe for kids, and not hideous. We were thrilled when we found Coco Village Play Mat.

Specifically, we found the Reversible Playmat in Tuxedo for $150.

Setup is non-existent, as it is simply just a mat you need to unroll. But what became a surprisingly wonderful surprise is just how much my son loves playing with the racetrack on the design we chose!

Even my daughter, as she’s learning to crawl, loves heading from one yellow tree to another, chasing big brother around without scratching up her legs or elbows on carpet, or rubbing them raw on hardwood.

While the design is reversible, with a fun track on one side and a more simplistic design on the other, we usually keep it on the track side for the fun of having a built in toy.

When inevitable spills happen, or picnics in the living room, I find myself incredibly grateful that this mat is so easy to wipe and clean up. With simply just a warm paper towel, baby wipe (my go-to since we keep them all around the house) or other cleaning wipe, this mat still looks like it is in great condition after many months of heavy daily use.

My one disappointment with this play mat is that there are a few “tears” or “cuts” after a sharper block or toy was dragged.

Outside of that, we absolutely love this playmat, and keep it out almost all the time. It’s a perfect place to be able to wrestle, learn to crawl, build some towers and more. We love having this addition in our living room, and it has become a staple we are so used to now!

I can’t imagine not having this in our living room now, and I am so glad that we found such a perfect addition!