Finally, a little birdy I want to listen to

It’s no secret that I have gone through quite a few baby monitors to try and find the best one for my son. As a gadget lover, I have given my son a head start with the amount of baby tech he has unknowingly helped me test (articles coming soon).

When I first heard about Cubo Ai Plus, I was ecstatic. I thought that I had found the next best thing in baby tech. I wasn’t wrong. Cubo Ai is like every other monitor that I have seen, except more. Not only is it a fantastic 1080HD camera with 135-degree wide-angle viewing, but it has smart features built-in — and out. Most cameras that I’ve seen all look the same. Designed to be a camera, as simple as that. Cubo is designed to be kid-friendly. The entire camera is built in a white bird shape so it doesn’t look intimidating or worrisome for children. Cubo also includes mounting arms so you can position your camera perfectly over the crib allowing for 100% viewing of the crib every time.

Not only does the Cubo look great, and take great live video of my son, but it is also a built-in photographer and number cruncher. Every morning my wife and I get notifications with analytics of how our son slept, how many times he moved, if there was a caregiver visit and if he cried — all with exact timestamps and recordings. Beyond this, Cubo has a built-in digital scrapbook of cute photos to securely save movements and cute faces I might have missed while he was in his crib.

If Cubo had only what is listed above, I would have already bought it for my family. Yet there is more. With an included adapter, I can enable temperature and humidity sensors that display within the Cubo app. Cubo will then notify me if either is outside of my pre-set parameters. I can also customize my alerts per device so I only get notified with my specified alerts.

One other feature I didn’t think I would love as much as I do is the ability to set parameters for the crib — or anywhere else in view. This means that I can set the outline of the crib so if my son leaves that zone I will get alerted. Better yet, I can have the camera pointed at his play area and get an alert when he goes to the dresser or the door, and so on. This camera is designed to grow along with my son, and not simply to be used for one life stage.

Even in the short time I have had the Cubo, there have been a handful of firmware updates and software updates allowing for even more features. Additionally, as I read the company website, I see that integration with smart home products such as Google Home and Amazon Devices will be enabled soon.