Foxgloves are my new best friend in the garden

I am an aspiring gardener. Aspiring is a good word for it as I have found that I am great at growing a few herbs, volunteer tomatoes, and thornless blackberry bushes. Oh, and my daisies grew great this year! Anyway, I need a good pair of gardening gloves for my gardening endeavors. I was looking for some gloves that fit well, protected me from plant oils and thorns, were breathable, and hardworking. I tried some that I found at my local hardware store, but they did not fit well, and dirt often found its way inside the gloves and under my fingernails. My husband picked up another pair, but they were not breathable and sweaty hands are not my favorite. Then I got some Foxgloves. I got the original ones ($23), but I am also considering picking up the extra protection gloves ($38) after using them. 

These gloves are made from nylon and elastane and are wonderfully form-fitting. I hardly feel like I’m wearing gloves! My nails and hands stay clean, too, because the gloves fit great and are long enough to cover my wrists. I like these because they have silicone grip ovals on the palms and fingers. These non-slip little guys help me hold onto my tools when I’m pruning my garden. Lastly, the gloves have maximum sun protection at 50+ UPF.

For those of you looking for work gloves, Foxgloves has got you covered as well. The Works gloves ($23) have padded, synthetic suede palms with reinforced fingertips. The back of the gloves is nylon, well-fitting, and provides excellent protection for your hands. My husband can also use these gloves when fishing in the fall and spring when it’s chilly!

I guess the only thing I didn’t love about these gloves was that the cost was a bit higher than many other gardening gloves.  However, I think they’re worth it.  If I can keep my manicure looking great while gardening and wearing breathable (and machine washable!) gardening gloves, I’m in, and I think you will be, too.