Handle your data like a pro with OWC Mercury Pro U.2 Dual

I need a ton of storage for all the video files I keep for my job. With 6k and even 8k video options available, file sizes are enormous. The Mercury Pro U.2 Dual has been an excellent solution for my storage problems. I have worked on multiple video timelines as well as thousands of photos. The Mercury Pro U.2 Dual has been nothing but reliable and fast.

The build quality is fantastic. The aluminum frame is sturdy. I’m not worried about the storage getting banged up if something hits the case on my desk. It is a decent size that is definitely noticeable, coming in at 3.3 inches wide, 5.8 inches high, and 9.4 inches in depth. It is smaller than other RAID storage options I have used. Quick note my biggest gripe is the fan. It is noisy compared to most quiet electronic devices used now. According to OWCs website, the sound level is 32.4db with the one cooling fan. The large loud fan might be due to how much can fit in the housing.

Configuration is the Mercury Pro U.2 Dual’s strong suite. You can have up to eight NVMe SSDs. The housing allows for flexibility. You can either add an extra NVMe SSD, 2.5 inch SSD, and 3.5 inch SSD. With speeds at 2800MB/s, there have been no problems transferring GBs. I can edit 6k straight off the drives with no problem.

For those wanting to have more control over how your storage is being used OWC has SoftRAID available. The software is straightforward to use. There are enough options to find a RAID that fits your setup. The Mercury Pro U.2 Dual offers up to RAID 10. If you have data that needs the utmost protection SoftRAID is ideal. However there is some bad news here, this software is not free. So to feel like you are getting the best bang for your buck you will be spending an extra $49.99 to get the entry-level version of the software. The cost can be as high as $249.99 for the pro version. There are options to buy the OWC Mercury Pro U.2 Dual with the license. SoftRAID is a one-time fee if you decide to purchase it afterward. Shout out to OWC for not buying into the monthly subscription bandwagon. I am bummed there is a price, but the cost is worth it to not lose your precious data.

My favorite aspect of the Mercury Pro U.2 Dual is the extra thunderbolt USB-C port. You can daisy-chain to other devices which allows for a lot of options. You can add up to five additional thunderbolt solutions and then merge those all together with the SoftRAID. This allows for an insane amount of storage. You can also use it to attach a 5k display or two 4k displays. It will only support up to 60hz if you have anything higher than that unfortunately you will be locked. I use this port a lot. On multi-shoots, I have quite a bit of SSDs that I have my footage on. This allows me to transfer all my footage at once or edit all my footage at once. I also Have this dock connected to the Satechi Thunderbolt 4 Dock. This combination has been amazing for my setup.

It does not matter if you’re a Mac user or a Windows user. If you need a lot of projects backed up you really should consider OWC Mercury Pro U.2 Dual at $679.99 for 4TB, I believe it is a great option for anyone who uses a ton of data for their hobby or career. Make sure you pay attention to what version you get if you want SoftRaid included. If not you can add your own RAID software. Everything I threw at the Mercury Pro U.2 Dual was handled like a pro. That is why the OWC Mercury Pro U.2 Dual will be my daily sidekick to keep my data safe and secure.

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