Having trouble on Zoom this Monday morning? So did 15,000 other people.


It seems as though the world woke up to a slower-than-usual Monday morning. Zoom was shut down at 8AM CT across the US and parts of Europe. Thankfully, the video platform that millions of people use worldwide is back up and running. According to some reports, over 15,000 people experienced problems with Zoom today. 

Even though you might have had to press “pause” on that work meeting, by 11:15AM CT, Zoom announced that it was working again. Zoom released a statement over Twitter thanking everyone for their patience saying, “Meeting and webinar service has been restored for the majority of users.” 

Whether you’re enjoying Zoom as the source for your conference calls, many people now use it. Perhaps the outage this morning shows how problematic it is when the world becomes too dependent on one specific platform for communication. On the other hand, many people are a little extra appreciative of technology during the pandemic. 

By the time many people realized Zoom was at fault for the outage (and not their computers), they were supposed to be 10 minutes into that school or work meeting. In a time when culture praises immediacy and technology is growing so much, it’s surprising that one app can stop work meetings across the globe. But this Monday morning, that’s exactly what happened. 

Whatever plans were interrupted for work or school this morning, hopefully we can all grow accustomed to finding alternate platforms of communication. It’s hard not to rely too heavily on Zoom when it’s most convenient. But then again, you never know when you’ll have to navigate the next outage. 

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