How the EveryPlate meal delivery service impressed me

If only everything in the world was as simple as a service that delivers meals to your door. I’m thinking about a laundry service that magically cleans your clothes, or maybe a pet grooming service that comes to your home and clip-clip the dog is given a fresh cut.

EveryPlate is a food delivery service that makes a bold claim. The meals are positioned as the lowest price compared to other services. There’s a special that costs $1.49 per meal, which to me sounds like a pretty fantastic deal.

I should say right off the bat that this meal service company sends you the ingredients, so this is not a frozen dinner situation. 

You do the home cooking according to the recipe, so everything is fresh. I prefer that for health and taste reasons, but if you are expecting something like an UberEats type of meal that is ready to eat, that’s not what EveryPlate does.

The service allows you to select your meals and serving size, and then the meals arrive in a ice-pack so everything stays fresh.

I tested three meals and they arrived with all of the fixings I needed and a clear recipe that was easy to follow. 

I would say each meal was tasty and, since I tested the two serving option, was filling enough for two people, but not overly filling. I didn;t feel like I needed more to eat at dinner, but we also had nothing left over.

I first tried the Hotel Butter Steak with Green Beans Amandine & Crispy Potato Rounds. I was impressed with the overall quality and the prep was easy and straightforward. It’s incredibly helpful to have the whole kit ready and the recipe on a printed card.

Next I tested out the Monty Jack Burgers with Potato Wedges, Caramelized Onion & Garlicky Horseradish Sauce. This one was also tasty and easy to make. I’ve trie dout many burger joints and hamburgers you cook at home, but this kit was good quality and filled us up nicely.

Last, I tested the Creamy Lemon Herb Chicken with Roasted Potatoes & Carrots. I’m not exactly a big fan of chicken and carrots, but I like the quality and healthy-ness of this meal.

Overall, I liked how the whole system worked, and I liked the price for the quality. There’s tons of variety and I never felt like the “budget” price meant compromising on the food taste or quality. I would also say I am not the best cook in the world, so the fact that everything is included and obvious, with clear instructions, was a good fit for me.