How these Backcountry Timpanogos Tech Fleece pants match my lifestyle

A man wearing his Backcountry Timpanogos Tech Fleece pants.
Credit: Backcountry

I was riding in a car with a few coworkers once. 

It was a warm summer day, and we had just returned from a fine dining establishment in my area called CFA. (Okay, it is not fine dining and it was actually Chick-Fil-A but it is awesome.) I had the window down, and the slick beats of Josh Garrels playing from my iPhone. One of the coworkers was in the back and made a brilliant and perceptive observation about me. 

“You like music that makes you feel good, don’t you?”

I thought at the time — nailed it. That is exactly true. I’m someone who likes to live in the easy lane — no encumbrances, no conflict, and no consternation. For me, the perfect day is a walk in the silent woods with my wife, wearing the most comfortable boots on the planet and talking about future plans as though speaking them out loud will make them materialize.

My music selections, the shows I watch on television (a recent find called The Mallorca Files matches up perfectly with my aesthetic, although it is a show about solving crimes), the food I like to eat the most (you guessed it — pizza) all match up to my lifestyle choices.

That’s why I like the Backcountry Timpanogos Tech Fleece pants (and matching hoodie) so much. I like comfort food, comfort music, and comfort clothes. On a walk recently near my house, the pants were warm and comfortable, with big deep pockets for my phone and car keys.

A few highlights of note. They are comfortable. I mean, you can lounge all day in them watching your favorite shows, but they are also nimble and flexible enough for a long hike. I loved how warm they felt during a winter hike. I stopped wearing jeans a few years ago for this exact reason. I don’t like to put effort into things. This even applies to my pants.

The rear pocket has a zipper to stash other items, and I’ve heard from Backcountry that these fleece pants can get sopping wet on a hike and dry out fast. I’m eager to test them on an island trip soon and see if that theory proves accurate. The pants even use odor control which also matches up with my lifestyle choices — I don’t like to smell weird things.

(Okay, I have revealed a lot about this comfort lifestyle but aren’t we all that way? A recent podcast explained how picking what makes us happy is a good way to push through the pandemic. Although trying new things outside of our comfort zone can also help.)

I like everything about these pants but the best feature is one that is more important than anything. These fleece pants are durable. I know this because I hiked through the wood and brushed up against tree branches, scuffed them against the side of a rocky wall, and in general wore the heck out of them for a long period of time. They still look new. I also love the fleece hoodie which has the same style, durability, and comfort as the pants. 

Clothing products that look cool but don’t last — I will take a hard pass on that. Comfort pants that feel great no matter where or how you wear them but last a long time? Count me in.