How to future proof your memories with PhotoShare

A mom and her daughter sitting by a hay bale taking a photo for their PhotoShare.

Growing up, I remember seeing the hundreds upon hundreds of photos my mom had in boxes.

My mom used to pay me to scan in old photos and save them digitally.

There just was no reason to keep boxes upon boxes of old photos when we could keep them all in a much safer, more accessible platform.

The only time we needed physical copies of the photographs was if we were going to put them into a picture frame.

Not anymore.

Brookstone has recently released the PhotoShare frame, and it has solved all of my problems — well, my digital photo ones.

Now, I no longer need to print out photos taken on my phone or camera to send them to relatives or display them in my home.

With a simple one-minute setup, I can share photos to the  PhotoShare frame instantly via the smartphone app, or even an email, to anywhere the frame happens to be as long as it’s connected to WiFi.

I could even connect the frame to my google photos if I wanted, allowing me to automatically add whatever images I choose to my PhotoShare frame.

At first, I thought I could use this around my house. Maybe have a slideshow of my son, or put it in my master bedroom and scroll through old wedding photos.

Then, I thought about the other possibilities this frame holds.

The opportunities are truly endless!

This could be at your grandparents’ or parents’ house, and you maintain the ability to wirelessly and effortlessly update photos and share precious moments!

I could share this with my grandparents, who live 12 hours away, and I could, within seconds, share the most recent photos of my son directly to their living room.

Then, my think-outside-the-box self came out. What if we put this in the kitchen and shared recipes to it? Or put it in the office and shared a digital copy of the family calendar?

As you can see, with a little bit of thinking, this seemingly simple photo frame becomes a handy tool!

To make this little frame even cooler, it can auto-dim brightness based on ambient light. This frame can also auto-rotate depending on how I position it. I can upload pictures to it with an SD card or a USB thumb drive. I can have it freestanding or hang it on the wall. But here’s what I thought was cool. I can also use it as a clock and calendar or stream videos sent to it. So not only is it just a photo frame, but it is a smart one with a ton of features built-in!

I can see many uses for this frame for quite some time to come, and it might even make it on a future gift list for a few grandparents that I know!