How to radically change how you work on the go – SideTrak

Screen Real Estate… The name of the game when you are trying to get work done on the go. I have been working off a laptop for the better part of a decade. I love the portability, and usability a laptop provides, but I have always struggled switching between my office computer with multiple displays to the tiny screen and limited desktop space a laptop provides. Enter the SideTrak Swivel. This is a game-changing attachable portable monitor technology that instantly doubles your screen real estate.  • Screen rotates 270° & swivels 360°  • Lightweight & portable design • Attached, freestanding, and portrait mode  • Built-in kickstand, adjustable brightness, & screen auto-rotation • Compatible with Windows, Chrome, & Mac • Resolution of 1920 x 1080

I got a chance to use this screen on my last work trip, and I can tell you I will never go back. The flexibility it provided and the small package made it ideal for travel. I was able to work on two projects at the same time while I was on the plane, and when I didn’t need the extra screen it folds away nicely or can be disconnected quickly.

The thing I love the most about the SideTrak is it doesn’t require a power cable. You simply plug it into your laptop, and it instantly fires up. I didn’t have to install any drivers it just gets to work the moment it is plugged in. I was curious how it would work with some of my other gear, and so I plugged it into my IPAD, and instantly I had a second screen.

They provide sticky pads you can place on your laptop, and a simple guide to install them, or you have the option to simply place the screen on the table or surface you are working on. It also comes with simple instructions on how to connect cables if you aren’t sure how to get it hooked up. I was surprised by how good the quality of the picture was, and how simple it was to use. I would highly recommend this product if you are someone who is constantly working on a laptop, and wouldn’t mind a bit more space to do some work, or watch some Netflix while you write a paper.

One of the greatest features is found in the title. SideTrak Swivel. I was curious if I was in a meeting and I wanted to share my screen with someone across the table, and of course with the swivel option you can easily rotate the screen and swivel it around to the backside of your laptop, and share the screen or display something for others across from you to see. It makes your laptop an on the go presentation dream come true.

What I like • No driver required • Flexible options for all types of users.

What I would change • I want to own two of them!

Final Thoughts — I don’t know what I did before I got this device. Seemed like a gimmick when I had seen these on the market before, but now that I have used it… I don’t know why laptops don’t just come standard with one of these attached. Check the link below to get one for yourself. You won’t be disappointed in your choice to buy one.

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