How to save money, and stress at home – The right choice for your home, and our planet

Ecobee is notoriously one of the biggest names in smart thermostats. They have a grip on the industry in the best way possible.

Ecobee just released two updates to their Smart Thermostat line to continue down this path. The Smart Thermostat Premium, and the Smart Thermostat Enchanced.

I’m the kind of person who likes gadgets, at first, that was admittedly all that smart thermostats were for me when I first started using them. They were a fun gadget, however I never fully utilized them. It could be because I wasn’t a father and didn’t pay as close attention to the temperature in my home. It could be because I haven’t until recently owned my own home, and renting doesn’t invoke the same level of care.

Regardless of the reason, I’ve learned how helpful smart thermostats can be for someone who cares not only about the temperature of their home, but the price of their utility bill.

Ecobee has a pretty heavy stance on not only helping your bill, but also taking it one step further and helping the world with their eco-friendly packaging, energy savings all around, and recycled materials.

The two aforementioned new additions to the Ecobee smart thermostat lineup caught my eye immediately when they were announced. I’ve used Ecobee’s line for a little while now and I am thoroughly impressed with what results I have found. So much so, that even though I still had a newer model, I chose to upgrade.

The newer models I got to try out both have gorgeous glass displays and redesigned edges that are timeless and gorgeous. The IR sensor is hidden and there is also an all new built-in air quality monitor.

To expand even further, Ecobee now has a Smart Security Complete package that allows for even more advanced security features.

Personally, I still cannot get over the ease of use for being able to adjust the temperature of my home from wherever in the world I might be. On my trip back from Disney, I was able to prep my house to be the temperature I wanted all while knowing it was not cooling while we weren’t home.

One other feature I absolutely love is the ability to schedule out temperature changes. During the day, I like to keep my house at a certain temperature, and during the night I like to make it a little cooler. I can set this preference once and forget about it.

If I could change one thing, it would be the automatic temperature control. While most systems allow heating or cooling to be on, Ecobee also allows a heat/cool mode. Which in concept, is wonderful. However, I wish the range was narrower. Right now it seems like It has to be a 5 degree window. So, if I wanted to keep my house at 74 no matter what, I wouldn’t be able to make my Ecobee toggle between heat and cool. Granted, the only times I’d really want to do this is in the spring, however it would be nice to have a smaller window.