I finally tried the Apple AirPod Pros and oh wow

Credit: Apple

When I first saw the new Apple AirPod Pros being advertised, I honestly didn’t think I would like them. I’ve tried using the flexible silicone tips in the past, and every time they’ve ended up falling out of my ear or making the audio come out muffled. I was in love with the old version of the product and seriously did not want to make the switch. However, I was very interested in the noise-canceling aspect, so I decided to give them a try and I’m so glad I did. 

First of all, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are three size options for the silicone tips. This is a huge benefit because, in this case, one size does not fit all. I conducted the Ear Tip Fit Test and found that the small size was the best fit for my ear. I put them in and they fit like a glove. Even after I shook my head up and down vigorously (purposely trying to get them to fall out) they stayed put. 

The next thing I tested was the noise cancellation feature which was the most advertised part of this new version by far. In my head I thought, “Okay, how well can this really work considering how tiny these things are?” Again, I was wowed. After holding the activation button on the side of the right AirPod, everything around me seemingly disappeared. It’s actually a pretty crazy feeling. Sure, when people are shouting right in front of me, I can hear them a little bit but overall I’m really happy with the earbud’s noise cancellation capabilities. It’s certainly a useful tool to have when trying to work at a busy coffee shop or other distracting environments. 

I also noticed that the music didn’t suddenly become louder in an attempt to drown out the noise. No, I could literally feel the AirPods kick in and start to strategically block out the surrounding voices. Then, when I wanted to hear again, I simply held down the AirPod and was back in the real world. I appreciate how easy and quick it is to switch. If someone I know approaches me while in noise cancellation mode, it only takes a split second to turn off and jump into the conversation. 

The last feature I want to talk about is the overall sound quality. I’m not a very educated person when it comes to audio and how different headphones work. I do, however, have enough experience to know great quality when I hear it. The Apple AirPod Pros is designed to adjust the sound based specifically on your ear shape. They literally listen to the sound that you are hearing and fine-tune the audio in action to ensure the best experience. Previously, I’ve used the wireless Beats by Dre headphones. While those are also high quality, these are much better at a fraction of the size. It sounds like nothing I’ve experienced before and makes me want to listen to music constantly when, in the past, I’ve usually only listened while exercising. 

Overall, I think the Apple AirPods Pros lives up to the hype. Everything about them seems to be specifically designed with the consumer in mind. Their sleek look isn’t just for aesthetics; every single feature is included to enhance user experience.