I said goodbye to big sound systems and said hello to this

The VIZIO entertainment center set up with the smart TV and the nice, V series soundbar.
Credit: Vizio

I recently set up my new Vizio 55” 4K V Series TV and I LOVE it. Being a musician, having a degree in music, and just being a huge lover of music, I care a lot about the quality of the audio I listen to.

As I am looking to invest in my own entertainment setups, I want to find something that fits my needs perfectly. I like the more minimalist look, so I don’t want to get a huge sound system and receiver. But, I do not want to sacrifice the quality of the sound. I enjoy booming bass and crisp treble.

When researching a quality company, I kept coming across Vizio. I have an older model from Vizio that I love, so I knew the newer models must be great. While looking for which model I wanted, I found the Vizio V Series. While I knew that I wanted quality, I was intrigued by the price and sound that I was seeing I could get out of the V Series 2.1 Soundbar. I decided to try out both the 5.1 and the 2.1 Soundbar systems.

Both of these V Series systems allow for a multitude of audio inputs, the best of which are an HDMI-ARC connection or an optical cable. I utilized the optical cable, though I may see if I notice a difference with the HDMI-ARC.

I can plug in my smart home device of choice to the 3.5mm headphone jack — something that Vizio promotes pretty heavily. While I could connect my phone via Bluetooth pretty easily — or play AirPlay via Apple TV — plugging in or connecting my smart home assistant via Persistent Bluetooth is pretty beautiful. 

The 2.1 system puts out an incredible sound with great booming bass and surprisingly good surround-like sound. The subwoofer is wireless and connected with zero effort. I simply plugged it in and turned it on!

The 5.1 system not only has a phenomenal main soundbar but also has a wireless subwoofer and two surround speakers. What is remarkable is that the surround speakers plug into the wireless sub, allowing me to keep the speaker wires hidden.

One more feature that I enjoyed way more than I thought I would is the remote with the 5.1 Sound Bar. It is a full-featured remote that has a built-in screen. No more looking at the arrangement of lights on the soundbar to guess what it means. I can click level on the remote and a list of options shows up on the screen immediately.

All in all, if you are looking for a great budget soundbar and sub, or soundbar, sub, and surround speakers, look no further than the Vizio V Series Sound Bar.