If practicality and style had a baby — it would be this weekender bag

A woman ready for a trip with her suitcase and her Logan + Lenora Weekender bag.
Credit: Logan + Lenora

“Pack your bags! We are going on a trip.” This is a phrase I’ve so missed throughout this wild year. With the holidays coming, my family is ready to hit the road and finally visit family and friends. 

After surveying our luggage situation, I needed something that was big enough to fit what I needed for a shorter trip but not too big that I overpack (chronic over-packer here). I began searching online for a weekender bag and knew I wanted something different than your traditional duffel bag. I stumbled on the Logan and Lenora Weekender Bag and felt like I struck gold.

What first drew me in was the variety of stunning color options for the bag itself. Then I got to choose what vegan leather crossbody strap and tassel color I wanted. This gave it a boujee custom feel. I was so excited to have something that was tailored specifically to my taste. Ultimately, I chose the grey bag with a camel-colored strap, but as I said, you really can’t go wrong.

Now, onto the pockets! Nothing is sweeter than having your stuff organized and knowing exactly where to reach for something when you’re on the go. The Logan and Lenora Weekender Bag has tons of storage options. With four waterproof pockets, one inside and three outside, everything will have a home away from home. A fun feature of one of the pockets on the back is that it can zip open on the bottom to convert it to a trolley sleeve.

A woman holding her Logan + Lenora Weekender bag.
Credit: Logan + Lenora

A big selling point for me in any product is if it is washable and will hold up over time. This Weekender bag checks both of those boxes! The base of this bag is double-lined to keep it from ripping or crushing whatever you have inside, making it different from your classic duffel bag. The features of this bag that have me doing a little victory dance is that it is totally machine washable and the lining throughout is waterproof. Finally, no more stains or stress about things leaking inside.

After getting this Logan and Lenora Weekender Bag and seeing all it has to offer, I plan to use it for so much more than just weekend travels! It will be great for a picnic at the park, toting movie night snacks to a friend’s house, or carrying all the essentials for a day trip with the family. Basically, I will be looking for any excuse to whip out this stylish, yet functional bag. 

If you like the design and features but already have a weekender bag, they do have other sizing options, which is really great! Another perk is that Logan and Lenora offers free shipping and free returns within 100 days. So if you’re nervous to take my word for it, this bag is the definition of low risk, high reward. And even better, use the discount code GEAR10 for 10% off all purchases!