Innovative tips from Amazon to keep safe during COVID-19

Amazon employees thermal cameras COVID-19
Credit: Amazon

Many businesses are closed and there is nowhere to go, leaving some of us feeling the monotony. Amazon provides us with the retail therapy we crave during a time that requires virtual shopping. We spend massive amounts of money on Amazon now. The Motley Fool announced its stock price hit an all-time high. Thousands of workers keep this operation running by sorting and delivering products to our door. Reuters reports Amazon will use thermal cameras at its warehouse locations to identify workers with abnormal fevers.

Thermal cameras measure body temperature and locate bodies emitting heat. Amazon adapted these cameras to require less time and contact than forehead thermometers, Reuters explains. 

Just a few weeks ago Amazon’s owner, Jeff Bezos, publicly thanked all essential workers. In a written report, Bezos said, “We are inspired by all the essential workers we see doing their jobs — nurses and doctors, grocery store cashiers, police officers, and our own extraordinary frontline employees” relays Marketwatch

Coronavirus hit countries and economies globally. Amazon dealt with the spread of the virus at more than 50 of their warehouse locations in the U.S. The outbreak at their locations resulted in numerous employees walking out in fear of safety. 

Harvard Health reported a study that explored the amount of time COVID-19 can stay airborne. “The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ Laboratory of Virology in the Division of Intramural Research in Hamilton, Montana helps to answer this question. The researchers used a nebulizer to blow coronaviruses into the air. They found that infectious viruses could remain in the air for up to three hours.”

Amazon reports it will provide all U.S warehouses with face masks and take necessary steps to provide their workers with a safe work environment. Bezos reiterated the previous statement during the earnings call. He stated that they will do everything they can to help with the pandemic. As reported by CCN, Bezos explained that the company plans to invest 4 billion dollars over the next 3 months on coronavirus expenses.

Millions are losing their jobs, and thousands of businesses are suffering. We are not alone, even one of the world’s biggest business is affected by COVID-19.