Katchy is so Catchy

Summer is approaching fast and with summer comes the annoying problem of bugs. Living in the Midwest we love our summers and take full advantage of the time we have when the seasons are warm. Those seasons also lead to the worst season… bug season. My wife and I love to be outside and especially around a campfire enjoying the summer nights as the kids go to bed. What we hate is when we are sitting outside and come back in to count how many mosquito bites, we have we claim they like our blood the best. I have been on the search for a product to help that wouldn’t break the bank or cause me to spend hundreds of dollars to get my yard sprayed. After reading reviews and searching the internet for a product my search led me to find the Katchy insect trap.

 Once I saw the product the design instantly caught my eye, Katchy has a clean and stylish design that comes in either black or white and fits perfectly with any kitchen or backyard design. Looks are only one thing but the thing I was shocked about with Katchy is that it doesn’t produce a toxic smell and is nontoxic but is as effective as any product out there. Having kids and dogs it is very important to us to have a low toxin household and with Katchy we can have peace of mind knowing the product is effective and not harmful to any of us. It uses UV light to attract bugs and its fan and glue pad on the bottom do the rest. We set it outside and plugged it in after just a few minutes, we could already tell a huge difference. Even inside we love to have fresh fruit out which means the fruit flies love to come out. We moved Katchy to that area and overnight we checked the glue pad, and the bugs were gone and caught! I add in a new glue pad and it’s ready for another day. 

We have been very pleased with this affordable and effective product. The issue I have with Katchy is that since we live in the Midwest bugs are out all season and all day. This product isn’t nearly as effective during the day as much as it is at night. Since it uses a UV light to attract the bugs during the day the light becomes ineffective. It does take time to catch certain types of bugs and the company does communicate that over time the product is more and more effective. The glue pads can become annoying as well because of the number of times you have to change them out. The company does offer you 4 with the purchase of your Katchy but you will soon have to buy more. All in all, this product is a great must-have summer item if you love fruit but not fruit flies or you love the outside but hate the bugs!