Klipsch made my wife fall in love with music again

I’m the guy that loves to listen to music and movies how they were made. I want a system with enough power that you can feel what you’re hearing, while still providing the clarity and nuance of how the artist played each note and to hear the subtle sound effects in a movie. It’s a delicate balance that only the best speakers can deliver on and I’m often disappointed by many of the systems I check out when going through the audio sections of my favorite stores.

I had the opportunity to bring home a pair of the Klipsch R-40M bookshelf speakers to check out and wow, I’m impressed. They’ve packed a lot into these speakers measuring 11.7” (h) x 5.8” (w) x 8.5” (d). Inside each sleek black MDF textured wood grain vinyl cabinet is Klipsch’s exclusive 90º x 90º Tractrix® horn and a 4” copper woofer with a design borrowed from their high-end Reference Premiere series speakers. Setup is easy with their two threaded posts to attach speaker cable to, and I had them up and running in just a few minutes. Their compact size lets you put them virtually anywhere you want without taking up too much space. They’re right at home on a desk, or are at home on a mantle or speaker stands. They can also be wall mounted if you so choose.

Not only will the Klipsch R-40M speakers fit in anywhere in your home, these guys deliver across their full range of 71Hz – 21kHz +/- 3dB. They’re rated for 50W (cont) / 200W (peak) and I love their clarity and detail without sacrificing the punch you want from a home theater setup. I tested them in a stereo setup and they provide crisp sound without distorting or feeling thin. You can tell that Klipsch took their time in finding the balance of clarity and warmth (though for just a stereo setup I could have used a touch lower frequency response for a slightly richer sound). Set these guys up with an additional sub or in a full surround system and I can imagine them sounding fantastic. I turned on some music and flipped through multiple genres to see how they reacted and was surprised at details I could hear on songs I’ve listened to a hundred times. My wife even stopped what she was doing from the other room and said, “I’ve never heard that before!” when I was playing back some of our favorite songs. Movies were the same experience. I appreciated the balance they offered between natural sounding dialog and how immersive they were in music and effects. They’ve brought new life to favorite artists and movies, along with new expectations for what a speaker system should sound like.

At $279.00/pair (MSRP) these are not for every budget. However, if you’re someone who wants a great audio experience and willing to invest in some great sounding speakers, these Klipsch R-40M speakers are worth a listen and a spot on your bookshelf.