LARQ Bottle Filtered review: Top-notch water is just a sip away.

I went on a quest for water. Like good, healthy water. I won’t get into my health journey much, but since having children I’ve taken steps to be more aware of what is going into our bodies. This means that I can’t take things at face value as I once did. Some people may call me “crunchy”, but I just like knowing the what and why behind things that I buy. This led me to search for better water, but also for a clean, modern aesthetic that saves on single-use plastic and keeps me wanting to hydrate myself. Yeah, I was asking for a lot.

Luckily for you and me, I didn’t walk away from my internet search disappointed. LARQ’s water filter bottle began to check all of my boxes. You may have heard of them if you have been a faithful Shark Tank viewer, as Justin Wang appeared on Season 12 with LARQ’s PureVis self-cleaning water bottle. Since getting the Shark Tank approval stamp, LARQ has expanded to now have a new filtering straw cap for their bottles, as well as a filtering pitcher.

Image of PureVis Pitcher, taken by LARQ.

Here is what I like about my LARQ. To start things off, I have the granite white bottle. It has a modern and clean appeal that I love. I have their active loop that attaches to the bottle and makes carrying it around easy and comfortable. I do find the active loop to be positioned oddly when I wish to hook it to something, but I only use the loop for carrying so that isn’t a problem for me. The bottle is solid. I have the insulated version which has a good weight to it. When it is filled up, it weighs around 2.4 pounds (yes, I weighed it). This makes it a bit saggy on the sides of my backpack, but so far it hasn’t fallen out due to the weight. The overall look and feel show that great thought and quality were put into this bottle.

Image of the straw filter bottle with active loop, taken by LARQ.

Now for the filter straw. This is LARQ’s newest addition to their water bottle. This small filter, which is attached to the bottom of a straw, works to reduce high percentages of chlorine, lead, and PFAS (per- and poly-fluorinated substances). As well as lots of other things that I haven’t heard of! I like that their tests have come from third-party companies because it shows me their confidence in their product. They aren’t only using their labs to convince you. The filter straw is perfect for your everyday encounters with water fountains and tap water, helping you know for sure you are drinking clean water. I love the easy access to the straw for a quick sip. To remove water from the straw, you will need to suck harder but that has been no problem for me. My four-year-old daughter loves this water bottle almost more than I do and has had no issues with carrying its weight or sucking from it.

Image shows filter straw, taken by LARQ.

I had mentioned the insulated bottle. Now when using the filter straw, you can only put cold (or lukewarm, depending on your temperature preference) water in the bottle. No hot water. No sparkling water. I was delighted with how long it kept my tap water cold. Now if you are using the UV PureVis cap, you can use hot drinks. LARQ suggests you swap out the filters for the filter straw every two months. When first looking at the straw part, I was concerned it could grow mold without me being able to clean it properly. But with some pulls here and there, I found the straw can be completely dissembled for a good deep clean. I plan to do that once a month, give or take.

I am pairing my straw with the PureVis cap for additional cleaning. The PureVis cap isn’t completely necessary with the straw, depending on your environment and access to clean water. My family likes to camp, so purifying our drinking water with the PureVis UV-C cap for 60 seconds, or 3 minutes on Adventure Mode depending on where I’m getting my water, will remove up to 99% of bio-contaminants, like E. coli. That’s pretty cool. It’s also called the self-cleaning cap, as it keeps your bottle fresh and clean. No more moldy, dead fish smells. There was a bit of a learning curve for this cap, but after several uses I think I’ve got it down.

Image of LARQ family product photo, taken by LARQ.

Honestly, I don’t have any big cons for their product. Some may not be willing to pay $50-100 for a water bottle. But the LARQ water bottle is high quality and donates a portion of its profits to helping charities provide clean water around the world. I am not a fan of buying additional filters every few months, especially when a new filter is $20 each. But I don’t think there is a way around that for any clean water company. A filter only lasts so long. LARQ does give discounts for those who sign up for subscriptions, so your filter can be automatically sent to you without another thought.

I have been thoroughly impressed with my LARQ and the communication with the company. I truly recommend this product and may be putting their filter pitcher on my birthday wishlist.

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