Last minute shopping? Me too

Let’s face it, this year has been insane. Even the “normal” has been absolutely crazy for most people. If you are (admittedly) like me, and have some shopping left to do, take a look at some of these unique products that might just be the perfect last minute fit for your loved ones!

Plugable Thunderbolt 4 Hub

For the tech lovers you are trying to buy for, the Thunderbolt 4 hub from Plugable is sure to be a hit! With this hub any Thunderbolt device can expand one port to three Thunderbolt ports. This is a great addition to work desks, work from home desks, and more!

Dell 27” 4K UHD

Calling all those display lovers! Regardless of device, another screen — or bigger screen — is something I am convinced is never a bad thing. Anyone who works from home, or has a computer setup, or even an iPad, could appreciate a quality display. This 27” monitor’s screen is beautiful, with very minimal bezel. Additionally, the USB-C input allows for ease to connect to newer devices. For those with unique monitor needs, the stand allows for full rotation and angle change to make for the perfect monitor position.

Nomad Pen

In the digital world, I still find myself occasionally needing to physically write something down. Maybe you are more traditional than I am, maybe you write all day long every day. No matter how often your loved ones write, a pen is always a useful tool! And if you’re gifting a pen, it should probably be a cool one. Nomad’s click pen is not like the cheap dollar store pens people use and lose. This pen is made of quality materials, has a solid click and feels sturdy. This is not something that I want to leave behind, and if I accidentally do I find myself hustling back to retrieve it. This pen is a great gift for nearly anyone!

Soundcore Frames

For those tech lovers that already have everything here is a great way to surprise them with something they probably do not have. Soundcore recently released the Soundcore Frames. These are a pair of glasses with interchangeable frames, and smart temples. These temples have speakers built in designed to play in a way that only you hear, without shoving earbuds into your ears. These open ear speakers have zero ear fatigue as they are not in your ears, yet are very discrete to the point that nobody would even know you have them on unless you tell them. These are sure to be a hit for any tech lover you have on your list!


Lovebox is something that I honestly did not expect to enjoy as much as I do. I had no clue that I was going to learn to rely on it with my family. Lovebox is perfect for family members that live at a distance, friends you don’t see often enough. The ability to send digital notes and messages in a fun, special way is truly wonderful. This is especially great when the receiving individual does not have a cellphone or is not overly techy. The receiving end can also send a waterfall of hearts showing affection to the sender.

Onscreen Spark

Onscreen Spark is perfect for those who want to stay connected to loved ones via video chat but want to do it in a very seamless way. Onscreen Spark is a camera that attaches to a tv, turning whatever size tv into the monitor with which you can video chat. This simplicity and integration with your living room or other area of your house makes it feel almost as though your loved ones are with you.

Nomad iPhone 13 Cases

Who doesn’t love a good phone case. We all have phones, we all know they cost quite a bit these days. Nomad has put out phenomenal case after phenomenal case. Recently, their cases have started to include a digital business card built into the case via NFT. Nomad’s cases are not only quality builds, but are also great for protecting your device, and looking good doing it. These cases range from sporty cases, to leather classy cases, folios and card holders. One “case” that I loved way more than I thought I would is their simple leather skin. It’s just as simple as that, a leather sticker of sorts that protects the back of your phone, giving it a classy lift. For anyone on your list that you are looking for a list minute gift for. Check out Nomad’s cases!

Grizzly Cooler

The holidays are a time of food being shuffled around from place to place. Beyond that there are frequent times I have found myself needing to keep things cold on a trip. The Grizzly cooler has built in shelving to hold smaller items above the larger items and the ice. The carrying handles on the side make moving this cooler easy. Some other really cool elements to these coolers are tie down spots, molded-in handles, a drain, locking system, and more. All in all, these features make the Grizzly Cooler a great fit for those on your Christmas list that love the outdoors, travel a lot, or work on site and need to bring a lot of cold items with them.

Oakywood Desk Blocks

Oakywood’s desk blocks are something that fit any desk because they are wonderfully customizable. Oakywood has a handful of different block types that all magnetically link together to create a customized section of storage blocks. The block types included a small tray, large tray, pen tray, sticky note holder, phone stand, and wireless charger. Working from home or working on site, these blocks can clean up any desk.