Magnetic grilling tools that save you space

Have you ever desired a more efficient grilling set that doesn’t need a huge plastic case that barely fits in a kitchen cabinet? So was I and I was extremely excited to try the slimmest and most efficiently versatile magnetic grilling tools I’ve ever seen. Combined with the Q-swiper on the new grates in the grill, I was not disappointed.

I live in the Midwest out in the country so grilling is a part of life 12 months out of the year — sun, rain, snow, and occasional tornado weather. All to say, I’ve had multiple grilling sets gifted almost every Father’s Day. This year, my family knew I’d prefer a few pounds of steak because I’m not looking anymore for a new set of tools!

This Connectit system takes the standard bulky 5-20 piece grilling sets, like this, and turned it into a sleek magnetic 2 piece system that converts to any tool needed for grilling including a spatula, tongs, forks and a serving setup. The Q-Swiper BBQ grilling handled scraper and grilling wipes work perfectly as well!

Even if you don’t grill every week like myself, who doesn’t like the look of sleek and usefulness of anything ergonomic, efficient, AND MAGNETIC!

Here’s what you need to know about this setup

The Connectit price may scare some at first with a price tag of $55, BUT it’s only a $15 difference from Amazon’s popular commercial 4-piece set! Before you discount them, remember this set takes up less than a quarter of the cabinet space as all the tools and tongs take up! And these tools are solid.

I would like to say I never drop anything but the trays of meat can get hot and heavy and the occasional wobble has caused the tools to slide off. They fall, they separate, and not even a concrete step damaged them!

Combine the Connectit magnetic grilling tools with the q-swiper prep kit and you are ready to go. My favorite part is no more burning hair smell with the ability to clean my grill without having to heat it up first which removed my concern of such a small cleaning tool! Any grease and grime came right off and I didn’t have to worry about a second cleaning before putting meat on the grill. No harsh chemicals in the cleaning pads so GRILL AWAY!

Just be aware

Honestly, I highly recommend, but with anything that is great, there are some things to be aware of… When using the serving setup on the Connectit system, be aware of the “palm pinch”. Not anything to be afraid of by any means but it was a learning curve to not have a twitch after serving my son a hamburger. And I didn’t tell my wife to not preheat the grill before cleaning with the q-swiper wipes and turns out THEY CAN BE FLAMIBLE…

The Q-swiper scraper and wipes are worth it though! I’m 6 months into having to install new grates, which I usually do annually because of our climate, and they are still shiny and clean with no rusting starting anywhere! I’ve always thought these were gimmicks and completely unnecessary but… I may have been wrong. Try them out and let your grill(s) tell you what they need!

If you aren’t a believer yet, take advantage of Amazon’s free return policy right here.

I honestly expected to be happy with this purchase but I was never expecting my wife’s approval and compliments from all of our guests on 2 pieces of metal. I never expected to appreciate a product to care for my investments of grills and smokers with a simple cleaning tool either.