Multi-functional pants to dress up or down

Welcome to the latest trend where you can trade out your uncomfortable business slacks to stretchy and stylish pants.

Since, it has been widely displayed across the media and discussed in the workplace how American workers want to innovate a new professional-look for 2024. American Giant has answered this request in their latest design with the Brushed Twill Pant.

Made from 98% Cotton and 2% Spandex, these multi-functional pant can be styled for any occasion. Locally resourced out of Los Angeles, California and designed by local creators, these pants benefit and support the community with your purchase. Adding a whole new meaning to the purpose and wearability behind these pants.

Not just wearability, but function is defined in these pants. When I can get through an entire day at work, I will keep this outfit on when I get home – since it’s just that comfortable.

Now, I spend most of my day chasing around little ones. So, when I was able to review these pants, I put them to the test. In and out of the house, I felt like I was in my joggers all day. Yet, unlike most of my joggers, these pants are styled to help you look good and feel good at the same time.

It was important to try on these pants at work to see how it would match with the dress code and fear not for these passed the test. In fact, more than one compliment was given after wearing these pants on the first day. Next, I wanted to try wearing these pants on a cleaning day to see how these would hold around the house. Again, I am pleasantly surprised to say that these pants are sweat-proof and flexible to clean your wood floors or pick up the laundry.

Given any scenario where I tried on these pants, I felt secure and comfortable. Some of my favorite features of these pants are how the loose-fitted structure is essential to the design and so is the durability. First, the pants allow you to move freely around the workplace, house, or complete your daily chores.

Second, these are unlike any other pants that I have worn because the material is heavy and thick. The texture allows you to feel just how durable the quality of the pants are and it will not let you down. The multi-functional style of the pants gives me relief in knowing that I won’t have to go out and buy another pair of uncomfortable, business slack again.

Enjoy going into each day wearing a pant that will not wear you out, but will increase comfort and structure to your daily grind.

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