Multitask with this smart new MultiBev

Two people using their CamelBak MultiBev to share outdoors.
Credit: CamelBak

“I’m a huge liquids guy.” my brother claimed in a passing conversation. I relate, can you? I am frequently seen with a water bottle nearby, and another beverage in hand. Coffee, soda, Gatorade, lemonade you name it. I’m a fan of beverages. So, when I travel and I have my water bottle, I feel constrained. I have a quality water bottle that keeps my water cold, but what if I have another beverage? What if I am headed out for the day and haven’t had my morning cup of coffee? Rather than juggling a multitude of insulated cups of various sizes, Camelbak’s savvy new MultiBev solves your multi beverage problem.

Two-in-one design

From the moment I saw the Camelbak MultiBev announcement, I knew I needed it. There have been so many mornings where I have headed to work only to find myself carrying an insulated coffee cup and an insulated water bottle. Now, I carry one product that does both — and very well at that. Camelbak has created a device so simple yet so ingenious. My 22 oz. water bottle has a bottom portion that screws off to become a 16 oz. cup. Hidden in the cap of my water bottle is a rubber “Roll and Fold Lid” that fits my 16 oz. cup for coffee.


Not only is this combination a great pairing of two cups in one, but the quality of each cup is phenomenal. Each container boasts a vacuum-insulated, stainless steel double wall with a powder coat. While this sounds fancy, what this means for you and me is that when we have a warm beverage, the inside stays warm without burning our hand. Similarly, when I have ice water, my water stays cold and my hand doesn’t freeze.

Soft landing

I first noticed it when I put my water bottle down on the counter. I expected to hear the oh so familiar clink of an insulated water bottle hitting a counter. Yet I heard nothing. I was amazed by how quiet it was when I put my bottle down. The silicone coating the bottom of my MultiBev not only dampens sound but also creates a nonslip, non-scratch barrier allowing for an even better experience using this bottle.


I have the 22 oz bottle, which includes the built-in 16 oz cup. While Camelbak states that it can keep my beverages hot for 16 hours and cold for 24 hours in the main bottle, I have noticed that my ice water has stayed cold, with the ice frozen, for up to 36 hours. For the smaller 16 oz. cup, I have noticed after around the four-hour mark, the temperature of my coffee is no longer desirable, and the cold water is no longer desirable either.

I am a lover of convenience and preparedness. Now, with my Camelbak MultiBev, I feel more consolidated and prepared than ever before for my beverage addiction.

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