My Apple TV has never been happier

The Function101 Apple TV Remote laying on a table.
Credit: Function101

When the Apple TV was first released, the remote had buttons. Granted it was minimal — both in form and function — but buttons nevertheless. When the next-gen Apple TV came out, Apple opted for more of a touchpad, not all that different from a trackpad, to run the majority of the remote.

For some, this touchpad is wonderfully logical. For others, it can be so frustrating that it keeps them from using an Apple TV. Function101 realized this frustration and decided to create a solution.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Siri remote. On the one hand, I love the sleek design, rechargeable battery, and voice control. But it’s incredibly frustrating when my Apple TV turns off and doesn’t turn off my TV. Or, when I simply want to mute the sound and I instead have to turn the volume all the way down. It can be frustrating trying to fast forward vs. skip forward. So, while I absolutely love my Apple TV, the Siri remote is not the most user-friendly for all of the functions I want to use.

With the Function101 Button Remote for Apple TV, I can solve all of these frustrations, and make it harder for my son to lose the remote.

I love the functionality (see what I did there) of this Function101 remote. For a while, I used it as a secondary remote when I wanted to use those particular features. Then, I found the perfect use. I moved it to my master bedroom Apple TV. Allowing me and my wife complete control of our Apple TV without requiring a second remote.

Our TV in our bedroom is slightly older than our main TV, meaning that the TV does not turn off with the Apple TV. I have always needed to have a second remote in there to turn off the TV. This is especially annoying at night when I want to shut everything down but I still have a glow of a TV not yet turned all the way off.

Now, with my Function101 remote, the infrared signal outputted by the remote turns off the TV and the Apple TV in one press.

Another great use for this remote would be to pair it with a soundbar or a stereo system for simpler, more traditional remote control functionality. Or, if you are a person who hates the trackpad style of the Siri remote, this will be your new best friend. Additionally, if you lose the Siri Remote that came with your Apple TV, rather than shelling out top dollar for premium Apple products, or resorting to controlling your Apple TV from only your phone, check out this remote.

At only $30 it’s a pretty ridiculously good deal, especially for how functional it truly is.

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