My iPad Pro has a new best friend — and it’s not an Apple product

From the moment I unboxed my iPad Pro I knew this was the future of computing. At that time I had a 9.7” iPad that was already blowing my mind with its capabilities. The jump to my iPad Pro only added to my near disbelief.

Apple at one point released an ad entitled “What’s a Computer” showing how they were redefining what a personal computer could really be. Utilizing my iPad Pro nearly exclusively for quite some time now, I see where Apple was going with this humorous advertisement.

Since buying my iPad Pro, I have been on a never-ending quest to find the best attachments, accessories, and ways to use my iPad. 

But now — Kensington is changing everything. Kensington has released the StudioDock.

I have tried hubs, stands, docks, and cases, all trying to create what Kensington has perfectly orchestrated.

My iPad Pro magnetically docks to the StudioDock and connects via the USB-C port. I can rotate to landscape or portrait mode, and find the perfect angle with ease, without having to adjust any plugs.

Kensington has made a base that adjusts to a perfect viewing height and angle while having remarkable capability built-in. I can charge my entire Apple ecosystem (which if you have read anything by me thus far, you know is extensive) without needing any other accessories. I can plug in my monitor via the built-in HDMI out. I can plug into my router via Ethernet and I can plug in up to three USB-A peripherals. Additionally, there is a built-in SD card reader, Headphone Jack, and USB-C port.

I used to be the guy (okay I still am) who has a closet full of tech. I used to have a desk that resembled the same. Hubs and stands everywhere.

Now, I can use my Kensington StudioDock with confidence and simplicity and without compromise. I don’t need any other adapters or stands.

I am truly astonished at how well my StudioDock works. It makes my iPad Pro feel almost like an iMac when docked — but better in a sense.

I get to take advantage of the portability and ease of use that I love about my iPad Pro with the distinct advantage and convenience of a docking station.

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