My TV is a masterpiece

I recently replaced my 10 year old plasma I had in my basement. It was 60 inches and got the job done. When I got it, it was top of the line. Now, many years later, it of course has proven to be quite dated. The picture was decent, but I knew it was time to upgrade. I wanted to be able to see at least 1080p content, and if possible 4K content. This TV obviously could not produce such clarity, and it had started to gain little burn ins and some specks in the screen. So, I began the process of unplugging everything and prepping to take it off of the wall mount it was hanging on. The next thing I noticed was the remarkable overall weight of this TV. I thought I remembered it being heavy, however this was downright ridiculous. Finally I got the TV off the wall — somehow without crushing myself in the process. Now to mount the new one.

My new TV of choice for my main TV is the VIZIO M65. It’s their 65 inch 4K smart TV within the M Series. This TV is absolutely gorgeous for a handful of reasons. It’s 4K, so of course the picture quality is stunning. The blacks are deep and tremendously dark, the colors are vibrant and exquisite. Additionally, the smart TV features are wonderful. This is truly just a step above the other lines that are currently available from VIZIO.

Smart TV

Vizio’s SmartCast system continues on in this M Series and still continues to impress. Not needing one of the many popular streaming sticks, simply because it is already built into the TV, is wonderful. With ease I can AirPlay, or cast from any device and any media app to my TV. 

The interface for SmartCast is truly wonderful as well. A clean and simple page of apps that can be rearranged is really all that is necessary, and VIZIO does it well! No need to clutter up the main screen when really my only goal is to watch the next episode of Ted Lasso.


Not only is this TV able to boast about its 4K resolution, but it also has outstanding Quantum Color. Meaning that colors are more pronounced and blacks are more reserved. Allowing for a remarkable color all around. There are over 1 billion colors, coming in at around 75% more color than the standard 4K TVs.

VIZIO included their UltraBright 700 features into the M-Series as well. This is the ability for peak brightness, allowing for every little detail to stand out, be seen and amaze.

Additionally, VIZO has included their ProGaming Engine, allowing for an energizing gaming experience.

Size / Weight

The first time I picked this TV up I was shocked at how light it was. As I mentioned above, the TV I was replacing was ridiculously heavy. So to have a bigger TV with more capabilities at a fraction of the weight was truly a breath of fresh air. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been so dramatic if I didn’t just take the behemoth of a 10 year old TV off the wall. Regardless, VIZIO has kept weight to a minimum.

They have also minimized the bezel to where I don’t even notice it anymore! And, the overall thickness of this TV is no thicker than my phone in some places. Another huge shock and wonderful reality of the advancement of TV technology.


Using this TV for the last month has been truly stupendous. Pairing it with my M-Series 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X has made for a truly wonderful experience all around. I am very happy with this setup and I have been truly shocked at how crisp everything is in picture and usage.