Nicks Boots give an awesome lesson in American exceptionalism

American made. Quality. Legacy. These are only a few words that describe a company that decides to put hard work at the forefront of what they do, and it shows in the products they make. Nicks Handmade Boots taking us back to a time where artistry and pride in American made products matter. The folks at this US based company were kind enough to send me a pair of their Builder Pro boots, and I can’t stop raving about how awesome they are.


Pick up just about any product in your reach and take a quick peak at where it was made. Odds are it says China or some other country. Large companies like to say a lot about the “quality” of their products and market like crazy to get you to buy it. They love to tell you how “green” they are while pedaling mass produced items that last just beyond their warranty forcing you to trash it and buy the new model that comes out the next year. I guess that is what green means to them. Not Nicks Boots.

From the moment I open the box to see the handmade art inside, the smell of timeless high-quality leather wafts into my nostrils making me feel like I just sauntered into a leather shoppe. I decide to go with brown leather (options abound) and a six-inch heel height, and as I pick up and examine each boot there are a few things I notice. They are flawless. They are a gorgeous, sincere work of art, and I just know – these boots are made to last. While everyone else is concerned about the almighty dollar – how much they can save while selling the cheapest crap possible, Nicks Boots wants to leave a legacy of quality. They want to make something they can stand behind with pride. I like that idea, and I hope the idea is contagious.

Just take a look at the options on the Nicks Handmade Boots website. They look as amazing in person as they do on the site. It becomes immediately clear that this company means what they say. Superior Craftsmanship indeed.

Fit and Feel

When you do decide to place your order, be sure to check out the size guide provided. The site recommends choosing a half-size down and provides a printable measuring guide for help. The sizing is indeed accurate. I wear a ten, but I wear a 9.5 with the Builder Pros. As I lace them up (laces are long and can be cut to preference), the boot slowly takes a perfect form around my foot. Like most leather products, it takes some time to adjust. I wear the boots often to help form them to my feet. Don’t expect them to feel great initially. This is normal. Leather needs to stretch out before it feels great. Once it does, there’s nothing like it on my feet.

The boots feel heavy and give me about an inch and a half in height. My wife gets starry eyed when I wear them. I’m not sure how to feel about this – I guess she likes taller guys than me, so I suppose I just need to wear these all the time. Easily done. They look and feel great. I get comments when I wear them out of the house – whether I’m at work, church, public, or home, people notice. They aren’t flashy, they are just incredibly stylish and well made.

So why are they more comfortable? Nicks website claims that handmade boots are more comfortable because of the fine attention to detail. Boots are crafted to size and made of the finest materials available – in this case premium full-grain leather. They aren’t tossed into a machine and mass produced to fit one person. Products are custom made to the exact specifications mentioned on the site. They craft the boots with care, precision. They’re elite, and it shows.

Bottom Line

Worth it? Yes. Expensive? Kind of. With proper care, I think these boots will last at least ten years. If you can get them to last this long or even half that amount of time, you win. The cost is miniscule compared to what most will spend on their tennis/athletic shoes over the years. Nicks is selling the best there is, and it is apparent from the moment you pick just one of their boots up. I love the Builder Pros, but there are so many other options out there. Happy shopping!

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